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Conditions That Led to Incidents Should Be Challenged

Members of the Oberlin Asian/Pacific American Alumni Association

March 15, 2013

As members of the Oberlin Asian/Pacific American Alumni Association spanning the past four decades, we join other alumni in expressing shock, disappointment and outrage over the events of bigotry and prejudice that have plagued the campus over the past several weeks. Not only do these abhorrent acts of hate lie in stark contrast with the community standards, mission and history of Oberlin, but they threaten the collective safety and wellbeing of a diverse community, which continues to be committed to creating a just world. First, we write to express our solidarity with the students who spoke out and held the institution to account: Continue to be bold; we stand with you. Seek comfort in the fact that you will emerge...

Off the Cuff with MRC Community Coordinators Caitlin O’Neill and Lorena Espinoza

Tania Mukherjee

February 22, 2013

After the MRC was targeted, how did the Center respond in terms of organizing or communication? Lorena Espinoza: I was the one who found the sign at the Center. The first thing we did as a staff and a center was to group together and find the best way to address [the situation]. [We’re] condemning the act without allowing it to cause a lot of panic and discomfort among our students. We reported it to Safety and Security, and then, as a staff, we wrote the statement that was sent out to all our communities and put [it] up on Facebook. We want to say that we are standing strong and [are] there to support you. And [we’re] not going to let this take away from what we do every day. It was really nice to see the sup...

MRC Responds to Hate Speech on Campus

The Multicultural Resource Center

February 15, 2013

This morning, the Multicultural Resource Center was attacked by a hate note labeling us as the “N-gger + F-ggot Center.” This act is connected to the hate speech found on many posters around campus over the past few days and to a larger history that supports white heteropatriarchy on this campus. These ongoing occurrences continue to bring up a variety of emotions that leave us all feeling angry, hurt, frustrated, disillusioned and disappointed. As we work through these emotions and think through how best we would like to address these acts, we will continue to support our communities in order to create a safe space where people can be affirmed and empowered. These heinous acts are hateful and ignorant, and we...

Documentary Highlights Flaws of Justice System

Tania Mukherjee

February 15, 2013

Last Tuesday night, the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime, based on the story of incarcerated domestic violence victim Deborah Peagler, was screened in Craig Lecture Hall. The event was co-sponsored by the Program Board, Forum Board, Peace and Conflict Connections Group, Oberlin College Dialogue Center, Multicultural Resource Center and the Office of Religious and Student Life, and was attended by many students, faculty and community members. The film’s director, Yoav Potash, and Joshua Safran, OC ’97, one of Peagler’s pro bono attorneys, were present at the event to talk about the film and domestic violence. The 95-minute documentary, which has received accolades like Official Selection to the 2011...

Re-examining Safe Spaces

Avital Isaacs

December 4, 2009

To the Editors: William Elman’s letter to the editors in the last Review [“Safe Spaces Impede Interaction,” Nov. 20] seems to tread over familiar rhetorical territory, rather than address new “trends” in Oberlin’s culture. It may seem to him, and others, that Oberlin’s safe spaces exist as a politically correct inconvenience, an impediment in daily activities and to the pursuit of cultural knowledge. It may seem as though safe spaces promote “self-segregation,” which is antithetical to his understanding of Oberlin as a progressive community. My understanding of safe spaces is that they exist to address and provide a counterbalance to the daily discomfort and lack of access (not to mention increase...

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