The Oberlin Review

Frank Ocean Graces Our Headphones Once Again

Leo Lasdun

November 15, 2019

There are few living artists as frustrating as Frank Ocean. He has a wizardly ability to attract rabid speculation and curiosity, and yet for years on end he staunchly refuses to indulge any of it. Live performances and interviews rarely materialize; maybe here and there we’re graced with a cryptic Instagram post. The prospect of an album seems laughable. But still, there’s a constant low-frequency hum of cautious excitement for a Frank Ocean album lurking on Reddit forums or in tinfoil-hat essays on Instagram comments. Within the last month, Ocean has given his adoring hive a lot to chew on: DJ sets at exclusive nightclub events in Queens, new episodes of his Beats 1 show blonded RADIO, and most tantalizing o...

Jonas Brothers Back in Spotlight After Five-Year Hiatus

Carson Dowhan, Senior Staff Writer

March 8, 2019

Millennials around the world were in for a shocking surprise this month as the Jonas Brothers — one of the premier boy bands of the 2000s — released their first single in six years.  “Sucker,” released on March 1 has garnered worldwide attention, propelled the trio back into the spotlight since the song was announced a day before its release. Is this the beginning of a major comeback for the Jonas Brothers? Everyone on Twitter seems to think so; up until this wildly unexpected announcement, the band’s account had been silent since 2013.  The success of “Sucker” makes the Jonas Brothers the latest in a string of musicians in recent years to benefit from the “surprise release” marketing strate...

Typhoon’s Fourth Album Boasts Wrenching Narrative, Charged Politics

Christian Bolles, Editor-in-Chief

February 9, 2018

“Listen. Of everything that you’re about to lose, this will be the most painful.” This sentence is spoken with slight variations — not sung — exactly three times in eight-piece indie rock band Typhoon’s latest album, Offerings. The words bear the distinct voice of frontman Kyle Morton — tinged with desperation, approaching tears. It’s an appropriate affectation given the trauma of a severe teenage case of Lyme disease that led to multiple organ failures. Here, this history lends Morton a deft touch for handling the possibility of death with unique aromanticism. That sensibility is lucky for listeners; across the album’s nearly 70-minute sprawl, there is consolation in the quiet moments, when the swellin...

Lamar’s Lyrical Genius Impresses Again on “DAMN.”

Daniel Markus, Arts editor

April 21, 2017

As Kendrick Lamar finished a stunning set in the waning hours of Coachella Sunday night, diehard fans and internet detectives alike were left slightly disappointed. After releasing a new 14-track opus, DAMN., last Friday, fans desperate for even more music found themselves spurred on by a rapidly spreading internet theory that originated on Reddit; according to the sleuths, another album was imminent. The theory began with the fact that DAMN. was released on Good Friday, which commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion. DAMN.’s first track, “BLOOD.,” ends with Lamar being shot and killed, and in “The Heart Part IV,” a single released ahead of DAMN., Lamar raps, “I said it’s like that, dropped one classic, came...

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