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Humanity’s Survival Dependent on Mars Exploration

Russell Jaffe, Columnist
November 4, 2016
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Elon Musk — the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and private aerospace company SpaceX — conducted a question and answer session on Reddit Oct. 23 to discuss his plan to begin a permanent, self-sufficient colonization of Mars in as little as eight years. Using the largest rocket ever designed, Mus...

In Collaboration with NASA, Camera on Mudd Roof Gathers Astological Information, Triangulates Meteor Paths

Elizabeth Dobbins, Staff Writer
October 4, 2013
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As part of a collaboration between Nasa and the College, a high-powered camera was installed on the roof of Mudd library this semester. The camera, whose lens is poised to record any nocturnal meteors, is part of a growing network of cameras placed in schools, science centers and planetariums throughout...

Established 1874.