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Philanthropy Lifts Athletics to Next Level

Alexis Dill, Sports Editor

April 6, 2018

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The men’s and women’s tennis teams and softball team were welcomed to Amway Center two weeks ago to catch an Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers game and meet fellow Obie Jeff Weltman, OC ’87, president of basketball operations for Orlando. As the former Oberlin basketball player reminisced about sitting in Wilder Bowl with his buddies in the springtime, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunities our athletics department continuously provides its student-athletes. Just two days before the game, Eastern Michigan University announced it will cut four sports at the conclusion of the semester: men’s swimming and diving, wrestling, women’s tennis, and softball. The reduction will affect 58 ma...

In The Locker Room with Delta Lodge Athletics Director Natalie Winkelfoos

In The Locker Room with Delta Lodge Athletics Director Natalie Winkelfoos

September 29, 2017

This week, the Review sat down with Delta Lodge Athletics Director Natalie Winkelfoos. A former Division III basketball player at Baldwin Wallace University, the Ohio native is entering her sixth year as Oberlin’s Athletic Director. She discussed her journey to Oberlin, her views on the Oberlin Athletics Department, and the role sports plays in social justice and reform. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. How did you end up working here at Oberlin? I was a college athlete. I got t...

Philips Gym Renovation Continues Throughout School Year

Philips Gym Renovation Continues Throughout School Year

September 1, 2017

As Philips gym renovations continue, members of the Athletics Department are confident that the project’s disruptions will ultimately be a worthwhile investment for the campus. The $13 million project, according to Delta Lodge Director of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos, will benefit both sports teams and non-athletes. “[It’s going to be a space] where people can start to build more community,” Winkelfoos said. “There’s going to be a lounge where people can [convene] in really cool ways a...

Krislov Forms Task Force for New Admissions Dean

Louis Krauss, News editor

March 10, 2017

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Following the retirement of longtime Dean of Admissions Debra Chermonte last fall, College President Marvin Krislov created a search committee of 10 members to help select a replacement to lead the admissions office. Physics Professor and Search Committee Chair Yumi Ijiri said the group had met in the fall but then delayed future meetings and the formal announcement for the committee until releasing an online advertisement last week. The consulting firm Witt/Kieffer is conducting the search and published the ad. “We were announced, maybe not as widely in faculty notes, but we didn’t bother to say, ‘Hey, we’re here’ until we were actually going,” Ijiri said. “We put it on hold to align it better with the ...

Students, Athletes Divided over ‘Zen Zone’ Hours

Students, Athletes Divided over ‘Zen Zone’ Hours

March 11, 2016

Last Monday, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education introduced its new “quiet hours” for the Philips gym weight room every Monday through Friday during the hours of 9–11 a.m. and 1–3 p.m. Some Philips patrons saw the measure as a step too far in regulating gym use, while others didn’t think it was enough. The pilot system, referred to as The Zen Zone, bars varsity workouts from taking place and music played through the weight room speakers during those times. “With an...

NACWAA, NCAC Honor Oberlin Administrators

NACWAA, NCAC Honor Oberlin Administrators

September 4, 2015

Oberlin’s Administration earned commendations for achievement in athletic leadership and manage­ment this summer. President Mar­vin Krislov was elected President of the North Coast Athletic Confer­ence, while Delta Lodge Director of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos was honored with the NACWAA award for Administrator of the Year in Di­vision III Athletics. Both Krislov and Winkelfoos were recognized for being inclusive, accessible leaders who exert a con­centrated effort to provide athletic...

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