The Oberlin Review

Universal Pass Represents Only Humane Option

Zoë Luh, Contributing Writer

April 4, 2020

Editor's note: This article contains brief reference to suicide. It is my firm opinion that Universal Pass is the only humane and emphatic grading option that upholds the core tenets of Oberlin College — mainly, accessibility and equity for all students. As an immunocompromised student with an extensive history of medical trauma, our current reality is a nightmare. The prospect of being close to death again is a trigger for post-traumatic stress disorder, with the quarantine allowing for no escape or distraction.  To expect students to adhere to usual academic standards during this time is ridiculous and exacerbates the trauma and mental and physiological strain of an already dangerous situation. Students can...

Good Riddance, Bill De Blasio

David Mathisson, Columnist

September 27, 2019

 Last Friday, Sept. 20, Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York City, dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. Millions of his own constituents, including even his fellow gym members, rejoiced. Most New Yorkers agree that his presidential ambitions, as pathetic as they were strange, were quelled 127 days too late. Especially with many successful, high-profile candidates floundering in the polls, De Blasio — who has a much weaker performance record — shocked folks when he decided to run. People including his staff, his friends, three out of four New York voters, and even his wife agreed De Blasio’s candidacy was never a good idea. It’s a testament to De Blasio’s ego that he still entered the race. De Blasio,...

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