The Oberlin Review

OB Jump, a competitive jump rope team made up of 16 Prospect Elementary School and Eastwood Elementary students, is preparing to compete at Nationals in Raleigh, NC, this June. However, Coach Jenny Mentzer values more than just winning — she teaches her athletes
life skills like confidence and leadership.

OB Jump Builds Life Skills for National-Caliber Young Athletes

April 19, 2019

Three nights a week, the walls of the indoor gym at Prospect Elementary School echo with the sounds of school kids laughing, playing, shrieking, and jumping. These are the sounds of OB Jump, Oberlin’s official competitive jump rope team. OB Jump is comprised of students from both Prospect Elementary School and Eastwood Elementary, Oberlin’s two public elementary schools. The 16 members of the team practice weekly, compete nationally, and work just as hard — if not harder — than any oth...

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