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Legion Community Garden Faces Uncertain Future

Legion Community Garden Faces Uncertain Future

April 5, 2019

The future of Oberlin’s Legion Field Community Garden — which has been operating for nearly 10 years — is uncertain as it seeks to secure a new fiscal agent. The garden, which grows on city-owned land on South Professor Street, was previously backed by a 10-year contract between the City of Oberlin and the Zion Community Development Corporation. Zion CDC is now unable to provide the necessary funds to keep the garden open. However, the garden has found a new potential sponsor: a local organ...

Final Pipeline Vote Rejects NEXUS Settlement

Final Pipeline Vote Rejects NEXUS Settlement

March 9, 2018

Oberlin City Council voted unanimously to reject a proposed settlement with NEXUS Gas Transmission Monday night. The council was previously split on accepting a deal with NEXUS, voting 4–3 for the deal at the previous meeting on Feb. 20. The meeting contrasted with earlier hearings on the settlement. At the Feb. 20 meeting, students both picketed and directly addressed members of council, but on Monday those in attendance were silent and reserved. Students held signs and provided emotional te...

Students Against NEXUS Must Stay Active, Should Refocus

Patrick Wai, Contributing Writer

February 23, 2018

At the town hall meeting Tuesday, the turnout against City Council’s settlement with NEXUS was amazing; not only were all the chairs filled, but students lined the walls with signs in opposition to the settlement. After the Council opened the floor to anyone to speak, numerous townspeople and students lined up to speak against the settlement. Students spoke out against the fatalistic attitude of submitting to NEXUS and reminded the Council that the Oberlin Community Bill of Rights rejects a settlement of this type. I even spoke, which surprised me. After the public opinion section, the Council moved to the vote. Students began chanting, echoing the same sentiments of the public forum; this led councilmembers to leave the ...

Students Should Engage with Indigenous History

Jean Foggo Simon, Member, Indigenous Peoples’ Day Committee

November 17, 2017

To the Editors: On Aug. 21, 2017, Oberlin City Council passed a resolution declaring the second Monday in October to be Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the city of Oberlin. Thus, Oberlin became the first city in the state of Ohio to abolish Columbus Day. The Indigenous Peoples’ Day Committee is working to continue to educate the community about all indigenous peoples, and our invitation is extended to Oberlin College. A series of events have been planned, and our next will take place on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017 at 5:45 p.m. at the Oberlin Public Library. The movie, Tecumseh’s Vision, from the acclaimed PBS history series entitled We Shall Remain: America through Native Eyes will be aired. This episode tells the story of...

Student Engagement in Elections Must Be Well-Informed

Editorial Board

November 3, 2017

One of the first questions many Obies are asked upon arriving on campus for their first-year orientation is whether they would like to register to vote in Ohio. Several groups — student and community, partisan and nonpartisan — descend on Oberlin with voter registration forms and voter information packets. In some years, this is an easier question to answer than others. First-years arriving on campus in fall 2016, for example, were given the opportunity to register in a swing state for one of the most heated and divisive presidential campaigns in history. This year, however, is a different story. The local elections that will occur this Tuesday, Nov. 7 — which some students likely do not even know about — w...

Students Have Right to Vote in Oberlin Elections

John Petersen, Contributing Writer

November 3, 2017

“Think One Person Can Change The World? So Do We.” This is one of the most successful promotional campaigns Oberlin College has ever run, because the desire to bring about positive change by engaging with the world around us resonates so strongly in our campus community. Students at Oberlin today are part of a proud history of civic engagement. Campus issues, local community issues — not to mention regional, national, and global issues — are among the ways that Oberlin students have made and continue to make a difference. Exercising your right — and I would say responsibility — to vote this coming Tuesday, Nov. 7, is one of the most direct ways students can enact positive change. For those of you who are r...

Singleton Offers Expertise to City Council

Martha Ferrazza, Oberlin Resident

November 3, 2017

To the Editors: On Tuesday, Nov. 7, I will have the distinct pleasure of voting for Kelley Singleton for Oberlin City Council. I urge you to do the same — not because of Kelley’s experience in management, or because of his already outstanding service as an Oberlin Rotarian and city councilman. It won’t be because he grew up here, or even because he shares my passionate advocacy for renewable energy, Oberlin’s status as a sanctuary city, and LGBTQ rights. I’m so excited to vote for Kelley because he is full of ideas: He’s paving the way for food trucks to draw people outside on summer nights; he has sounded out local growers to plant cherry trees on a dreary corner for a blossom festival in some future spri...

2017 Candidates and Issues: Kelley Singleton

Sharon Fairchild Soucy, Member, Oberlin City Council

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: It is important to return Kelley Singleton to Oberlin’s City Council for a second term. I have never seen a first-term councilmember work as hard as Kelley to understand the issues and to make good decisions. Kelley very quickly established relationships with the administrative experts in the city, meeting frequently with the city manager, finance director, and law director. He is widely known as someone who wants to learn and to gather information pertinent to a discussion or voting. Before council meetings, Kelley not only had asked questions of city leaders, but also had carefully read the packet of ordinances and background materials provided by the city clerk. He was always prepared and abl...

2017 Candidates and Issues: Linda Slocum

David Snyder, Linda Gates, Carol Longsworth, and Robert Longsworth

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: When you vote in Oberlin in the upcoming election, please cast one of your votes for Linda Slocum for City Council. Here’s why. During her first term on council, Linda has demonstrated her ability to build solutions across differences of opinion. She listens well to her council colleagues and to people from each slice of the Oberlin population. She actively seeks out ideas that build on Oberlin’s many strengths, while also challenging our ready assumptions. In her second term on council, Linda plans to improve our aging housing stock by making homes comfortable, efficient, and affordable. She will attract new business and industry, while increasing job and housing opportunities. She anticipates wo...

2017 Candidates and Issues: William Jindra and Ronnie Rimbert

Fran Baumann and Jack Baumann

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: We urge Oberlin voters to support Bill Jindra and Ronnie Rimbert in this year’s council race. Both candidates bring a wealth of experience, knowledge of city needs, and concern for others to the table. Both candidates work well with the city’s administration and staff and appreciate quality work at all levels. They support necessary maintenance of infrastructure and back Oberlin’s aggressive pursuit of sustainable energy. Fran served on council with Jindra and both of us with Rimbert; we can attest to their commitment to our town. – Fran and Jack Baumann Oberlin Residents

2017 Candidates and Issues: Local Issues

Carl McDaniel, Linda Slocum, and Tony Mealy

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: The letter from Steve Hammond and John Elder on Sept. 22, 2017 in The Oberlin Review, “Voters Can Correct City Council’s Mistakes,” provides solid reasons for voting “Yes” on City Issue 16 and “No” on City Issue 17. Critical to their recommendations are two letters from city law director, Jon Clark, who responded to questions from the City’s Public Utilities Commission. In response to a request for a legal review of a proposed recommendation to City Council from PUC on the disposition of net Renewable Energy Credits revenues, Clark’s letter from April 13, 2015 stated, “Based on the authority of the decision in Union Ice, I conclude that the City has no legal obligation to electr...

2017 Candidates and Issues: Heather Adelman and Linda Slocum

Cindy Frantz and Dina Schoonmaker

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: The City of Oberlin is blessed to have a number of excellent candidates for City Council this year. Two candidates in particular may be less familiar to many but merit special attention: Heather Adelman and Linda Slocum. Heather Adelman’s leadership in Oberlin revolves around three themes: economic development, building collaborations among stakeholders, and sustainability. She is the market manager for the Oberlin Farmer’s Market and co-founder of the Oberlin Food Hub, two efforts that provide economic opportunities for small and medium-sized farms in the area. As vice chair of the City’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Commission and former assistant director of the Oberlin Project, she has...

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