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Hillard Brings Decades of Experience to Manager Post

Lucy Haskell

November 4, 2016

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After almost 10 months and two rounds of recruitment, City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Rob Hillard as Oberlin city manager last Thursday. Pending contract negotiations, Mr. Hill- ard will come to Oberlin with more than two decades of experience in local govern- ment in Allegan, MI and Yellow Springs, Ohio. Oberlin City Council Vice President Linda Slocum cited his experience in Ohio, particularly his time working in Yellow Springs, the home of liberal arts school Antioch College, as a factor that gave Hillard an edge. “I think [Oberlin] will be a good fit for him and the council did too,” Slocum said. Hillard’s appointment follows 10 months of interim leadership from fi- nance director Sa...

Council Chooses Hillard for City Manager

Council Chooses Hillard for City Manager

October 28, 2016

After months of uncertainty surrounding Oberlin’s lack of a permanent city manager, City Council unanimously selected Robert Hillard to fill the position Thursday evening. Hillard was previously the city manager for Allegan, MI, where he served from 2005–2016. The pick comes as a bit of a surprise, as Hillard was added to the list of candidates for the position after two other finalists took positions in other municipalities. According to city councilmember Bryan Burgess, Hillard’...

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