The Oberlin Review

Issue 11 Benefits All

Mary B. McKee, Oberlin Resident

October 12, 2018

After years of study and debate, the local school board, to its credit, has finally put the bond issue on the ballot to start building a single-campus school designed to meet the needs of our small but special district. Despite careful stewardship over the last 50 years, we cannot further extend the health and life of the four school buildings we currently struggle to heat, cool, and maintain — all built at a time when there were about twice as many students, all sitting (often sweating) in rows upon rows of desks trying to hear the teacher, see the chalkboard, and follow along in the textbook. Times change, and we must adapt. New teaching methods, pathways to learning, modern approaches to architecture, engineering,...

Students Should Vote in Local Elections

Ezra Andres-Tysch, College Junior

October 12, 2018

I was deeply disturbed by “Oberlin Students Must Evaluate Their Place in Local Elections” by Opinions Editor Jackie Brant (The Oberlin Review, Oct. 5, 2018). She makes the case that students should not vote in Ohio for the midterm elections because — as part-time Ohioans — we cannot possibly understand the stakes or feel the repercussions of our vote. Brant illustrates her point in great detail using Issue 11, a complex education funding proposal that Oberlin residents and students can vote on this November, as a frame. Brant says Issue 11 is an example of how Oberlin students may overstep in the election, voting on a proposal that will not affect them but could be quite impactful to the full-time resident...

Oberlin Superintendent David Hall at the most recent Board of Education meeting.
There are currently six people running for three open positions on the Board of

Election Brings Opportunity for Needed Change in School District

October 27, 2017

Since the Oberlin City School District continues to face uncertainty as enrollment numbers drop and the construction of a new school remains up in the air, the Nov. 7 election presents a much-needed opportunity for positive change. The school board is made up of five elected representatives, and three seats will be up for grabs at the end of the year. Six candidates are vying for a position, including current representatives Albert Borroni and Anne Schaum, recently resigned Oberlin College staff ...

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