The Oberlin Review

Search for Next Vice President for Advancement Ongoing

Katie Lucey, News Editor

September 27, 2019

A search is underway for Oberlin’s next vice president for advancement, a position previously titled vice president for development and alumni affairs. Candidates will be expected to build upon previous institutional fundraising campaigns, such as Oberlin Illuminate, as well as articulate a strategy for Oberlin’s financial future as shaped by Academic and Administrative Program Review recommendations. Rachel Smith Silver assumed the position on an interim basis following the retirement of Bill Barlow last June. Upper-level administrators, including President Carmen Twillie Ambar, Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences David Kamitsuka, Acting Dean of the Conservatory Bill Quillen, other administrative s...

Philanthropy Lifts Athletics to Next Level

Alexis Dill, Sports Editor

April 6, 2018

The men’s and women’s tennis teams and softball team were welcomed to Amway Center two weeks ago to catch an Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers game and meet fellow Obie Jeff Weltman, OC ’87, president of basketball operations for Orlando. As the former Oberlin basketball player reminisced about sitting in Wilder Bowl with his buddies in the springtime, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunities our athletics department continuously provides its student-athletes. Just two days before the game, Eastern Michigan University announced it will cut four sports at the conclusion of the semester: men’s swimming and diving, wrestling, women’s tennis, and softball. The reduction will affect 58 ma...

False Science Hurts College Reputation

Rachel Berkrot, Zia Kandler, and Mae Kate Campbell

October 10, 2014

To the Editors: We are writing this letter because we are disturbed, upset and above all embarrassed by an event that took place at Oberlin College last Wednesday. As part of the Oberlin Illuminate Debate Series, two of America’s most widely recognized climate change skeptics came to “debate” the state of the climate. Dr. Judith Curry and Dr. Patrick Michaels, both climatologists who each receive significant amounts of funding from the fossil fuel industry, stood before us and presented poor scientific evidence to argue against the widely recognized scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change is a severe problem that must be addressed. As a college that considers itself at the forefront of campus...

Nord Family Fund Ensures Education Outreach Remains Permanent

Nora Kipnis, Arts Editor

February 14, 2014

As college students, we are used to sitting in a classroom listening to lectures by someone one or two generations older than us. But at the Tuesday Teas at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, the situation is reversed; this past Tuesday, a small crowd of local adults, including many residents of Kendal at Oberlin, gathered in the East Gallery of the Allen to hear Sarah McLusky, OC ’13, discuss paintings and prints and how they demonstrate the rise of humanism during the Renaissance. The student docent program is a unique feature that makes the Allen stand out among college art museums; while others provide training in museum education for graduate students in art history, Oberlin’s program is one of the few that allows...

Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off with Weekend Celebration

Robin Wasserman, News Editor

September 21, 2012

This weekend, around 500 alumni and their family members will gather in Oberlin for the launch of the public phase of what has been advertised as “the most ambitious fundraising effort in [Oberlin’s] history.” Oberlin Illuminate, a comprehensive, seven-year fundraising campaign for the College and Conservatory, has been quietly raising over half of its $250 million goal for the past three years. The campaign, which counts all donations to the College and Conservatory as contributions, aims to raise over $70 million more than the last fundraising campaign, which ended in 2004 having raised $177 million. The fundraising goals have been split into four distinct sub-targets: the endowment, financial aid and faculty...

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