The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Must Take Next Step in Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

September 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains discussion of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. As the school year begins, it is imperative that students keep in mind the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campus and do what they can to minimize it in our community. Over 50 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses happen between August and November. Around 11 percent of all college students will be victims of sexual assault during their college careers, and 70 percent of campus survivors know their perpetrator prior to their assault. Further, 23 percent of women in college report that they have experienced some sort of nonconsensual sexual contact. More than 50 percent of these victims do not report the act, as th...

Progressive Passions Define Archetypal Oberlin Student

CJ Blair, Contributing Writer

September 12, 2014

During a college-visit odyssey throughout the Midwest during my junior year of high school, my family decided there was time to tour a school that wasn’t on our list: Oberlin College. My mom had thrown her back out that morning, and we knew Oberlin was well out of our price range, so we were pretty close-minded about the excursion. But at the end of the tour, after seeing the Adam Joseph Lewis Center and hearing about Science Fiction Hall declaring war on Fantasy Hall, it was official: I was going to do everything in my power to go to this school. Now that I’m enrolled at my dream college, I’m faced with a unique and intriguing question: What is an Oberlin student? As a first-year, I may be one of the least...

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