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Circulation Coordinator and OCOPE member Greg Solow works at his computer in the Conservatory
Library. OCOPE recently filed charges against the College on the basis that it violated
their collective bargaining agreement.

OCOPE Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint

March 10, 2017

Oberlin College Offices and Profession Employees filed a charge of unfair labor practices against the College with the National Labor Relations Board Feb. 21, specifying that the College failed to abide by its collective bargaining contract with the union. The charge specifically refers to the College’s refusal to release information relating to OCOPE’s employees and their job descriptions, information necessary for the union’s ability to advocate for its members, according to OCOPE President Tr...

OCOPE Clarifies Facts

Tracy Tucker and OCOPE Executive Board

March 3, 2017

To the Editors: It has come to our attention that incorrect information about Oberlin College Office and Professional Employees continues to spread across campus. We know the source of much of this misinformation and have requested that the College correct the errors, but since that is not happening, we believe it is important to share the truth. The College’s continued refusal to provide requested information or adhere to the collective bargaining agreement has forced OCOPE to take extraordinary action. An unfair labor practice charge was filed with the National Labor Relations Board Monday, Feb. 20. We will continue to defend the rights of our members and our contract both by continuing our effort to work with the Co...

Jeff  Mazze at Mudd library is one of the remaining custodial staff  members after many took the College's staff  buyout program. Twenty-one members of his union, UAW, left their positions at the end of 2016.

Administrators, Unions at Odds on Cuts

February 10, 2017

In the aftermath of the College’s campus-wide staff buyout program, custodians, administrative assistants and Campus Dining Service workers face insecurity and have voiced concern over the continual elimination of staff positions and potential work overload. Last spring, the administration created the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program, which was intended to save the College money by replacing veteran staff members with younger, lower-salary employees. VSIP grants each outgoing employee...

The College’s Voluntary Separation Incentive Plan encourages faculty and staff to retire early in exchange for a significant compensation package. This plan is projected to save the College $1.5–3.5
million per year.

College Offers Cash for Early Retirement

May 6, 2016

Over the next three weeks, 177 faculty and staff must decide whether or not they want to take the College up on its offer to retire early in exchange for a relatively hefty severance package. The deal, which administrators are projecting will save the College between $1.5–3.5 million per year, is known as a voluntary severance incentive package and is the first step in the administration’s long-term plan to cut spending while slowing the rate of tuition increase. The payout is relatively...

Campus Must Support OCOPE Negotiations

Editorial Board

May 6, 2016

The remainder of this month is all about countdowns. Six hours until reading period begins. Six days until the first day of finals. Eleven days until the majority of our student body makes a break for it, and eighteen days until those graduating pack their things and hit the road that, for many, will not lead back to Oberlin. Once students leave, campus inevitably quiets. Not only do dorms and classrooms shut down, but dozens of faculty and staff head elsewhere for the summer, reducing Oberlin’s employee pool to a fraction of its calendar year size. For the employees who remain on campus, running the school is a year-round job. For one faction of those employees, the countdown continues. Thirty-eight days after Commencement, the un...

Michael J. Frantz, of Cleveland firm Frantz Ward LLP, leaves negotiations with OCOPE Friday afternoon as protestors line the exit route. The labor union, which represents 190 campus workers, is undergoing
contract negotiations with administrators until June 30.

Students Rally as OCOPE Negotiations Continue

April 29, 2016

Students, faculty and College employees from multiple labor unions gathered outside Hall Auditorium earlier today in support of campus workers currently engaging in contract negotiations with the College. The Oberlin College and Professional Employees, a union of campus workers, met with administrators Friday morning to continue a series of negotiations that began April 12 and are slated to end June 30. OCOPE, founded 46 years ago, represents 190 administrative assistance, office workers and libraria...

Members of Oberlin College and Professional Employees paint a rock in Tappan Square to read, “OCOPE is Rock Solid.” They will enter contract negotiations with the College on April 12.

College, OCOPE to Negotiate April 12

April 8, 2016

Oberlin College Office and Professional Employees, a union of campus workers, faces an uphill battle with the College as contract renegotiations loom. For the approximately 192 employees of the College who work in positions across the spectrum, such as academic department secretaries, CIT staff, library staff, equipment technicians, piano tuners, Biology department animal caretakers and lab technicians, OCOPE is the only union that tries to negotiate better working conditions with the College....

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