The Oberlin Review

Support for ESAs Combats Ableism

Melissa Harris, Production Editor

December 9, 2016

As a long-time sufferer of emotional and mental disorders who struggles with depression and anxiety especially, I have sought almost every form of treatment under the sun: antidepressants, therapy, meditation, yoga, exercise. The list goes on. However, coming to college has made me realize an integral part of my mental wellbeing was missing once I arrived: my pet rabbit from home. I forgot the way my rabbit would sit by me when he was out of his hutch, allowing me to stroke his soft fur and calm my anxieties after a sleepless night. It was this September, at the beginning of my junior year, that I looked into getting an emotional support animal at Oberlin. Although my family did not want me to take our rabbit to colleg...

Communication, Cooperation Needed for Medical Leave Reform

Editorial Board

April 29, 2016

College fifth-year Libby Salemi went on medical leave during the second semester of her first year. After dealing with panic attacks that made it impossible to focus on her studies, she decided to take a break and try to diagnose her disorder. Upon returning to campus for her sophomore year, Salemi was required to attend weekly meetings with an assigned dean. Salemi found the dean apathetic and disinvested in Salemi’s reacclimation to campus. “I would like a person who can walk you through this process and be there for you,” Salemi said. “It’s confusing. It would have been nice to have someone when I returned to campus actually care, not someone who was just hired to do this job.” The end of the semes...

Campus Accessibility Services Expand Outreach

Campus Accessibility Services Expand Outreach

March 11, 2016

The Office of Disability Services has implemented two new programs this semester to improve and publicize assistance available for students registered with the office. One of these new programs is Studying Independently Together, Tuesdays in Mudd library. “We have actually started this [within the last week] and are already getting a good response,” said Jane Boomer, director of the Office of Disability Services. Another program, held Thursdays in Stevenson Dining Hall, reserves a room...

Office of Disability Services Should Improve Access to Emotional Support Animals

Chloe Vassot, Contributing Writer

February 26, 2016

Editor’s note: This article discusses ableism. Hazel the hamster lives in Johnson House. Her furry presence is loved by many. She leads a life of comfort and ease and she creates a vitally important atmosphere of happiness and stability for her owner, College first-year Eliana Zuckerman. Hazel is an emotional support animal, allowed on campus by a Housing Accommodation obtained and approved by a committee who reviewed Zuckerman’s particular request only after receiving confirmation from the Office of Disabilities Services of Zuckerman’s registered documented disability, which was itself verified by a letter and signature from a licensed therapist. Hazel’s arrival required quite a lot of paperwork. The l...

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