The Oberlin Review

Campus Housing Announcements Spark Student Confusion, Frustration

Nathan Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

April 15, 2020

Students remaining in College-owned housing were left confused and frustrated last week after receiving a pair of email communications — the first from the Office of Residential Education and the second from President Carmen Twillie Ambar — regarding potential changes to their living situations. The emails came after most students were required to vacate campus housing last month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; students who stayed on campus went through a petition process in order to do so. On Tuesday, April 7, ResEd informed students in campus housing that they should start packing up their belongings in order to be “consolidated” into South, Langston, or Noah Halls beginning Friday, April 17. The ro...

Tré Quarles, OC ’18, has worked with the Oberlin administration since he was a first-year. Since graduating, he has stayed on as an office assistant for the Office of Residential Education. Quarles graduated with a degree in Africana studies and hopes to be a familiar face for students in a trying time.

OTC: Tré Quarles, OC ’18

September 7, 2018

Gabby Greene: What brought you back to Oberlin? Tré Quarles: When I was given the opportunity that I could work here over the summer, I thought that was a great idea as far as having set employment for a certain amount of time after graduation, which isn’t always certain. I do love Oberlin and I love working here; I love the community, I love the vibe, and I like seeing how it changes, but also how it maintains its spirit throughout time. I also would be interested in getting a permanent posi...

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