The Oberlin Review

OSCA, College Negotiate Future of Old Barrows

Eliza Guinn

March 4, 2016

OSCA employees returned from strike amid negotiations between the College and the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association that will likely decide the future of the Old Barrows Co-op. “OSCA employees were on strike until we had a chance to meet with the Board of Directors. We met with the Board of Directors on February 21 to express our concerns and ended our strike,” OSCA Business Coordinator Kevin G. Gilfether said. OSCA rents all of its buildings from the College, and moving or shutting down the Old Barrows Co-op has been a topic of discussion since 2011. The building is currently fit for living but will most likely be condemned within the next 20 years. Representatives from the College have been holding...

Old Barrows Survives Another Year Despite Threats of Closing

Caroline Hui, Staff Writer

March 11, 2011

Old Barrows co-op will remain open next year, according to an email from the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association to Old Barrows members on March 4. The College had planned to replace Old Barrows — affectionately called “Old B” by its members — with a co-op in the language maze next fall. This new co-op was postponed per the Lorain County Health Department’s recommendation. “The Lorain County Health Department has been working with OSCA to improve OSCA’s cleanliness and food safety in the kitchens,” the e-mail said. “The Lorain County Health Department strongly recommended that we postpone this new co-op until we have made clear steps towards the improvement of kitchen cleanliness and food...

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