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ViBE Tap performs at a dress rehearsal for this weekend’s Student Dance Showcase.

Students Take the Stage for Another Student Dance Showcase

April 19, 2019

It’s no secret that many of Oberlin’s most revered traditions are sustained almost entirely through the hard work of students. The Student Dance Showcase, the semesterly performance synthesizing work from a variety of campus organizations and individual students, is a shining example of such an event. The directors, College sophomore Olivia Guerriero and College first-year Jewel Cameron, as well as the lighting designer, Conservatory senior Collin Sterne, have been working since the beginning...

Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Alice Blumenfeld performed Labyrinths, an experimental flamenco installation, in the Terrell Main Library on Wednesday.

Flamenco Symposium Dances Through Oberlin

March 15, 2019

Oberlin’s first-ever Flamenco Symposium is taking place on campus this week. The program brings international flamenco artists to Oberlin for performances and discussions covering traditional, experimental, and interdisciplinary flamenco in the United States.  The week-long symposium kicked off last Wednesday with Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Alice Blumenfeld’s installation piece in the Terrell Main Library. Audience members were led through the first and second floors as Blumenfeld ...

The Mystery of Things: Artistic Processes at Oberlin

The Mystery of Things: Artistic Processes at Oberlin

February 22, 2019

Many Oberlin students declare two majors that cross disciplines; it’s not uncommon to find people with surprisingly disparate double majors such as Theater and Computer Science or Viola performance and Biology. But what about the students with majors in two different creative fields? How do these students connect their majors through the work they create?  These questions struck me when I realized that my own majors, Dance and Creative Writing, weren’t as independent as I thought. The deeper I ...

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