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Climate Activism Must Be Universal, Inclusive

Theo Canter, Contributing Writer

September 27, 2019

 Last Friday’s Climate Strike left me and many others who participated in it with a sense of rising optimism and hope. With participants numbering in the millions worldwide, it was one of the largest social protests in recent years.  Soon after students walked out of class Friday morning and gathered around the Tappan Square bandstand, a wide variety of powerful speakers — ranging from high school students, to college students, to adult community members — made their voices heard.  Having been to many political gatherings and protests, especially in the past few years, I felt that this one in particular was different. This was not like Matthew McConaughey’s 2003 Saturday Night Live sketch, “Protest...

OSCA Lacks Awareness of Oppressive Systems

Cara Welch-Rubin, Contributing Writer

December 12, 2014

The following critique of the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association is not the first time anyone has raised these issues. Many people have experienced or continue to experience various forms of classism, white supremacy, ableism and other manifestations of oppression within OSCA. My critique only serves to join these discourses and bring them to the attention of other white, able-bodied OSCAns. In a recent co-op discussion, one co-oper said, “OSCA is not some shady government.” While I can’t claim to acknowledge all forms of oppression within OSCA, I hope to undermine this misconception by shedding light on some of the forms of oppression that I have seen and experienced firsthand. I stayed behind from...

Psychology Project Exemplifies Racial Microaggressions

Jasmine Eshkar, College senior

December 12, 2014

To the Editors: When I read the description for my final project in my Psychology Research Methods II class, I was appalled and frustrated to find that it mentioned incarceration in ways that perpetuated racist and classist notions about who is incarcerated and why. The project description explained that in a fictitious experiment, grade school students were forced to work next to prisoners as part of a summer program to show them “the terrible price of crime.” It failed to acknowledge the fact that people are incarcerated at disproportionate rates for the same socially defined “crimes” depending on their race. The imaginary school board in the project stated that small behavioral problems “eventually...

Net Neutrality Essential in Maintaining Worldwide Flow of Information, Ideas

Editorial Board

November 14, 2014

President Obama announced on Monday his support for protecting net neutrality — the principle that all internet traffic, from personal blogs to viral videos to CNN breaking news, should be treated equally by internet service providers. This welcome gesture did little, however, to convey the gravity of what’s at stake. Without net neutrality protections, internet service providers have the power — and the profit motive — to effectively redefine high-speed internet and its idea-sharing power as a privilege reserved for those already in positions of wealth and influence. Net neutrality is one of very few issues that affects virtually every American personally, yet very few understand it; in the words of comedian...

Immigration Coverage Ignores Racialized History

Sam White, Opinions Editor

October 10, 2014

In the time since August, when 18-year-old Michael Brown joined the rapidly growing ranks of Black men unlawfully killed by police, several long-overdue discussion topics have graced the media’s spotlight: police brutality, institutional diversity and representation, officer accountability and, above all, the prevalence of systemic racism in 21st-century America. When a disturbingly similar shooting in nearby St. Louis took the life of Vonderrit Myers on Wednesday, many news outlets were quick off the mark in continuing these crucial conversations. Yet the mainstream media has largely failed to extend these analytical frameworks to another primetime news context where they’re no less necessary: immigration reform. For...

FASA Stands in Solidarity with Palestinians

Filipinx American Students Association

October 3, 2014

To the Editors: The Filipinx American Students Association at Oberlin College joins Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine and other organizations in colleges and universities around the world in the sustained action to free Palestine and to end the siege on Gaza. We condemn in the strongest terms the Zionist government of Israel, U.S. imperialists and all other imperialists. These oppressors transgress national borders, and this summer the world was reminded that the violence against Palestinians parallels the violence against Black Americans, as in the case of Michael Brown, Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin and many violently unnamed and unrecorded persons. From Palestine to Ferguson, oppression everywhere must...

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