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Introducing New Students to Quirky Orientation Week Traditions

Kate Fishman, Arts & Culture Editor

September 6, 2019

When I plopped down into a pew in Finney Chapel last Sunday, halfway through Robert Post’s one-man variety show, I was soaked from the rain outside, exhausted, and confused by what was happening in front of me. Post is a physical comedian, and one whose dubbed-over acts felt at times reminiscent of something like CLUE or The Rocky Horror Picture Show — dated, achingly meme-able, and only partially self-aware. My generation chases ironic humor — I think our of everything in Post’s show, a de-contextualized video segment where he vlogged his travels through Cowboy Town, IN— an excerpt from his “POST from the Road” series — drew the most laughs. This was Post’s fourth show on campus, and a was an effort...

SJI Reaches Record Attendance

SJI Reaches Record Attendance

September 6, 2019

A record-breaking number of incoming first-year students applied to participate in the Social Justice Institute orientation workshop. The two-day annual workshop aims to engage incoming Obies from a diverse range of social, cultural, and political backgrounds in conversations centered around issues of social justice. “There were 97 applicants this year,” said Kim Jackson Davidson, Oberlin’s second ombudsperson. “Eighty new students confirmed their plans to attend prior to arriving on cam...

First Years Find Support Through PAL Program

Nathan Carpenter, Opinions Editor

September 1, 2017

Many Obies remember their first-year orientation experiences well. Mine was hot, sweaty, and overwhelming — most people who I’ve spoken to can relate. There was a lot of information thrown at me in a short amount of time, and most of it didn’t stick. Nearly all of the valuable learning experiences during my first semester came as a result of relationships with older students that I was lucky enough to develop. However, that support system was not guaranteed to me, and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to navigate Oberlin and living away from home for the first time without it. Clearly, there was a leadership void that needed to be filled, particularly at a time when Oberlin’s finances a...

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

September 2, 2016

Division Between Oberlin, Real World Exaggerated

Jake Nash, College senior

September 4, 2015

Dear first-years, Throughout my time here at Oberlin, I have grappled with the question of whether what I am doing here really matters. I have spent weeks writing essays that only two pairs of eyes will ever see. I’ve had drunk conversations that neither of us remembered the next morning. My concern is that Oberlin is an environment where ideas are exchanged but seldom applied outside of college life. Discussions with friends have confirmed that I am not the only one who has lingering suspicions that a liberal arts education at a well-funded college campus that is seemingly walled-off from the surrounding corn fields is not a productive or valid way to learn about the real world. I am sure that during your time ...

Just Ask Us: Winter Term is Orientation 2.0

Jolie De Feis and Mike Plotz

February 13, 2015

Since Oberlin’s inception in 1833, it has oft been discussed what the best time to be at Oberlin is. Here at Just Ask Us and We’ll Tell Ya, we’ve been doing the cutting-edge research so you don’t have to (you’re welcome, reader). We dove headfirst into the extensive (and public) Oberlin Review archives to historically determine what was the best time to be at Oberlin. While the late 19th-century literature clearly shows that May 19 was the most preferred time to be at Oberlin, there has been a marked shift towards March 12 since the 1950s. Independent filmmaker and College senior Evan Davies remains in line with this school’s original founders. He told us in an exclusive interview that May 20, 1969 was th...

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