The Oberlin Review

Indie Group Preacher & Daisy Releases “Over Lake Erie”

Carson Dowhan, Senior Staff Writer

November 30, 2018

Preacher & Daisy, an Oberlin student folk group, will be releasing its debut EP Over Lake Erie next week. College senior Sam Bailey released his solo record Preacher & Daisy in the summer of 2017. Soon after, he began playing with College sophomore Eva Hilton to form an electric guitar and bass duo. Over time, Cody Edgerly, OC '17, and Conservatory senior Maddy Baltor filled in on the drums and electric guitar, forming the indie-folk-rock group, Preacher & Daisy. Bailey found the name for his fledgling group after reading a short story titled “The History of Rodney” by environmental writer Rick Bass. “In the story, Daisy, is an old woman who has dedicated her life to waiting in the Mississip...

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