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Asian Food Authenticity Panel Challenges White, API Students

Melissa Harris, Editor-in-Chief

December 1, 2017

Asia Night Market, Oberlin’s annual December tradition where students of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage celebrate their culture and cuisine, will take place tomorrow night in the Root Room of Carnegie Building from 6-8 p.m. The event, this year in its sixth iteration, is one of the only collaborations between many of the API student organizations on campus. These organizations will prepare traditional food from their respective countries of origin in order to share the role food plays in informing their cultural identities with the campus community. In recent years, API students have tried to bridge the gap between consumption and understanding the food served at Asia Night Market by organizing panels, lectures, and...

Palestinian field researcher and spokesperson Nasser Nawaj’ah shared his personal experiences and promoted student activism in Craig Lecture Hall Wednesday.

Palestinian Activist Calls For Student Engagement

November 10, 2017

Palestinian activist Nasser Nawaj’ah came to Oberlin Wednesday to share his personal experiences with students and educate them on the demolition of villages in the occupied West Bank. His visit was sponsored by J Street U, an organization that is active at at least 70 campuses nationwide. Oberlin was one of two schools chosen to host Nawaj’ah. Nawaj’ah was born in the small village of Susya, Palestine, which has been wrecked seven times since 1985 and is currently being demolished. Families...

Six speakers discuss the pros and cons of Issue 2 and Issue 3 at a panel in Craig Lecture Hall last Tuesday. The two ballot initiatives
are highly controversial, as Issue 2 could nullify Issue 3 if they both pass this Election Day.

Ballot Initiatives Clash as Marijuana Legalization Faces Issue 2 Hurdle

October 30, 2015

A ballot initiative that virtually bans monopolies could potentially neutralize Issue 3, the marijuana legalization initiative, if both amendments are approved on Election Day this Tuesday. Many argue that Issue 3 creates a monopoly on the marijuana industry because it demands that 10 facilities have exclusive rights to commercial production of cannabis and excludes smaller growers from the market. Issue 2 calls for the ballot board to review whether the initiative constitutes a monopoly, oligopo...

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Yveline Alexis and Assistant Professor of Theater and Africana Studies Justin Emeka.

Off the Cuff: Justin Emeka and Yveline Alexis, assistant professors of Africana Studies and Black Lives Matter panelists

September 11, 2015

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Theater Justin Emeka, OC ’95, and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Yveline Alexis led a panel about the Black Lives Matter movement on Oberlin’s campus and abroad on Thursday evening. Professor Alexis teaches a number of courses about Caribbean history and is currently writing her manuscript “Haiti Fights Back: Charlemagne Péralte and the Structures of U.S. Empire.” Professor Emeka pursues acting, writing, directing and capoeira and tea...

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