The Oberlin Review

A Wandering Jew Goes to Washington

Justin Pelofsky, Contributing Writer

February 8, 2019

It all began rather inconspicuously. In fact, at the height of the holiday season, the way it was announced seemed almost like a gift. It was as if the stubbornness of President Trump squeezed its way down the chimney, crept through the house, and placed the government shutdown gently at the base of the tree. Federal workers who work so hard throughout the year usually only get a handful of free vacation days. Quite honestly, they deserved a break. And sure, they suffered a slight sting at the reminder that they weren’t an “essential,” part of the Federal Government but it would have stung even more to have used up all their vacation days just to travel back to the town where they went to high school, engage...

Alumna Reflects on Peace Corps Experiences

Hannah Combe

November 14, 2014

To the Editors: I graduated from Oberlin on May 30, 2013 and sent in my application to Peace Corps within the next week. My interview with a recruiter happened within the month, and then I did not hear from Peace Corps until Nov. 7, five months later, when I received my formal invitation to serve as an English Education volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. This West Virginia-sized country straddles a position that excludes it from neatly fitting into either Eastern Europe or Central Asia, and it barely registered in my mind’s atlas. It has a population of about five million, tucked above Turkey and below Russia, bordering the Black Sea to the west and hovering above the Middle East. Indeed, I do not think that...

Oberlin Ranks Third in Peace Corp Volunteers

February 17, 2012

Although Oberlin has historically been well-represented in terms of number of alumni who become Peace Corps volunteers, this year the college placed third on the Peace Corps’s top list of small colleges and universities producing volunteers nationwide, with 24 alumni currently serving. This marks a significant increase from 2011’s No. 18 ranking. “I think Oberlin students like to be challenged and I think that [the] Peace Corps is one way to be challenged professionally as well as personally,” said Peace Corps Regional Recruiter Annabel Khouri. “And I also feel that the culture at Oberlin is one in which students are really concerned about issues beyond our borders, and I think the Peace Corps offers them...

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