The Oberlin Review

Gym Renovations Necessary

Jackie McDermott, Sports Editor

October 28, 2016

The walls of Philips Gym are lined with photos of those who came before us — the varsity athletes and coaches that dedicated their time, their bodies, their hearts and souls to representing Oberlin to the best of their ability. Earlier this month, it was announced that Philips will soon be turned into a space that would make our predecessors proud. The gym will be expanded through a renovation project that includes new fitness rooms and equipment and an update of Carr Pool, which should be completed in spring 2018. But the renovations won’t just be aimed at the fraction of the student body that gets to have their pictures on the wall, don the crimson and gold and represent our school on varsity athletics teams....

A model of the recently approved expansion of Philips gym. The expansion will include several new fitness rooms and a renovation of Carr Pool.

Philips Expansion Debate Continues

October 28, 2016

Plans for an expansion of Philips Gym that include the construction of several new workout rooms and the updating of Carr Pool were unveiled by the administration this week. The renovation, which administrators say is aimed at expanding health and wellness opportunities for all Oberlin students, not just athletes, was approved by the Board of Trustees Oct. 10.  Construction will begin in the coming months with a projected completion date of spring 2018. The College has not yet released information...

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