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Blood, Lineage Play Significant Roles in Pixar’s Coco

Ananya Gupta, Arts & Culture Editor

December 1, 2017

Editor’s note: This review contains spoilers for Coco. Though the idea of blinking out of existence once forgotten by the living is terrifying, Pixar presents it with cute skeletons and masterful, vibrant animation in Coco, which was released Nov. 22. Co-directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, Coco is the story of a Mexican family broken apart by a father who chose to follow his musical passion over his wife, Imelda, and daughter, Coco. Heartbroken and angry, Imelda develops a hatred for music that spreads throughout generations of the Rivera family, banning it from their home and lives for centuries to come. The protagonist of the film is Imelda’s great-great-grandson, 12-year-old Miguel, who harbors a se...

Jurassic Junk: Newest Pixar Film Falls Flat

Jurassic Junk: Newest Pixar Film Falls Flat

December 4, 2015

In an era where remarkable animation can be summoned with the flick of a well-funded wrist, animated films can’t get by on pure spectacle. Before cutting-edge visuals were even possible, Pixar was making movies that cut to the heart of basic human truths; as technology caught up to their ambition, they used beauty to enhance these stories, not to replace them. Perhaps if masterpieces such as the Toy Story trilogy, Up and Ratatouille didn’t exist, The Good Dinosaur would be a very good movie. Bu...

On the Record with Pixar’s Nicole Grindle

Bri DiMonda

March 6, 2015

Nicole Grindle has worked as a production manager at Pixar for the past 25 years and collaborated on films like A Bug’s Life, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Toy Story 3 and Monster’s University. She came to the Apollo Theatre on Friday as part of Oberlin’s “Creativity and Leadership Speakers Series.” The Review spoke with her about her experiences breaking into the film industry and Pixar’s culture of creativity. You studied documentary production at Stanford University — what sparked your interest in film and, more specifically, documentaries? I was an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, and I did not major in film as an undergrad. My freshman year I was in bioengineering, and then I moved over ...

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