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Garrett Cultivates Opposition to Jordan in Ohio

Ella Moxley

March 15, 2019

Former three-time congressional candidate Janet Garrett has formed The Jordan Watch Political Action Committee to generate support to unseat Ohio’s District 4 Representative, Jim Jordan. Garrett, a former schoolteacher and Oberlin native, ran against Jordan in 2014, 2016, and 2018. However, she will not be running in 2020, and is instead shifting her energy into this PAC, first announced in a March 5 press release. The goal of the organization will be to “work to expose Jim’s ideology to the people he is supposed to represent.” This is not the first time Garrett has organized to cultivate opposition to Jim Jordan. In her most recent campaign, she raised more than $900,000 and had over 500 volunteers. The Jo...

Luke Squire, OC ’11, (center) converses with Councilman Marcus Madison (left) at the Celebrating Young Leaders in Politics event in Washington, D.C. Squire, along with Poy Winichakul, OC ‘11, recently founded a political action commit- tee which aims to urge young, progressive candidates to run for office.

LaunchProgress Sees Success in Primary Season

September 19, 2014

Luke Squire and Poy Winichakul, both OC ’11, are trying to upset the political status quo. Just over a year after starting LaunchProgress, a non- profit and political action committee devoted to electing young progressive candidates to public office, the two Oberlin grads are seeing the fruits of their labor as the 2014 election cycle heats up. The two students chaired the Oberlin College Democrats together and taught an ExCo on civic engagement to try to bring some of their politic...

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