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Issue 1, Joe Miller Sweep on Election Day

Issue 1, Joe Miller Sweep on Election Day

May 11, 2018

As the Ohio primary polls closed Tuesday evening, overall pivoting in numbers toward Republican candidates across the state, Oberlin’s District 56 came away with Rob Weber as the uncontested Republican state candidate and Joe Miller as the narrow winner among four Democratic state representative candidates. The ballot also showed that Issue 1, Ohio’s popularly discussed anti-gerrymandering bill, passed with a huge 75 percent approval. Miller’s platform focuses on addressing issues ranging fr...

March 15 Ballot to Renew Oberlin City School Budget

Adam Gittin, News Editor

March 11, 2016

Voters will find several levies up for renewal on the ballot as they take to the polls Tuesday. Among these levies are Issues 25 and 26, which would renew the Oberlin City School District’s operating levy and permanent improvement levy, respectively. Together they account for about 10 percent of the district’s budget. If passed, Issues 25 and 26 would re-up existing property taxes that pay for many of the schools’ critical functions. As renewal levies, they would not create any new taxes. “Issues 25 and 26 are just renewal levies to keep our roofs up to date, to keep programs that we have running, to keep our athletics going, to keep our phenomenal arts program going and keep staffing going,” said David...

Media Reinforces Myth of Clinton’s Inevitable Win

Editorial Board

February 26, 2016

After polling neck and neck with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly won all six tie-breaker coin flips in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1. Some called it the Miracle Six, as the probability of six heads or tails in a row is less than two percent. After fact checking revealed that the coin flips were negligible in the decision (Clinton would have needed 47 favorable flips, not six) and that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had also won a handful of the dozen coin flips, Clinton clinching the nomination seemed like an increasingly probable outcome. At the Nevada Democratic caucuses this past Saturday, Clinton once again pulled ahead of Sanders by a tight margin, securing two out...

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