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Post-Punk Band Big Ups Returns to the ’Sco with Halloween Special

Ananya Gupta, Arts and Culture Editor

October 27, 2017

Big Ups, a post-hardcore punk band, will bring a holiday-themed performance to the ’Sco on Halloween. Its four members — Joe Galarraga, Amar Lal, Brendan Finn, and Carlos Salguero Jr. — formed the band at New York University in 2013. Their ’Sco performance is a pit stop between their recently-concluded fall tour with METZ and Toronto’s Dilly Dally. Their next tour starts in St. Louis, Nov. 2. Tough Love Records describes Big Ups’ music as a “blend [of] punk, post-punk, metal and indie rock into a salty mash that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.” Big Ups has released two albums so far. Their debut, Eighteen Hours of Static, was followed by Before a Million Universes. The title of their second al...

Dead South Brings Dark Punk Folk Music to Cat

Kirsten Heuring, Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

When I saw, “Honk if you love rhubarb” written in dirt on the back of The Dead South’s trailer, I knew that Wednesday night’s concert was going to be interesting. Though I arrived half an hour early, the Cat in the Cream was already more than half full with people from not just Oberlin, but as far afield as Houston and Columbus; the band had performed in Columbus Tuesday night, and some audience members had followed them to Oberlin to see them perform a second time. By the time the concert started, there was standing room only. The Dead South came out looking like a group of punk Amish, dressed in distinctive dark clothes. The lead singer, Nate Hilts, was sporting the largest hat I had ever seen. The band, ...

Syracuse, NY, punk band Perfect Pussy delivers a passionate, experimental performance at the ’Sco Monday night. Frontwoman Meredith Graves,
center, provided politically charged vocals that unified her band’s sound.

Triple Bill Cohesive Despite Stylistic Differences

December 11, 2015

Perfect Pussy, Fielded and PWR BTTM each appeal to very different audiences. Perfect Pussy, a punk band from Syracuse, NY, has earned comparisons to everyone from hardcore icons like Earth Crisis to British singer-songwriter Kate Bush; Fielded, the solo project of Lindsay Powell, offers a glitchy interpretation of electronic pop music; and PWR BTTM, who met at Bard College, has risen to prominence recently thanks to irresistible indie-rock songwriting. Clearly, formidable stylistic dissimilarities...

Musicians Push for Equality in DIY Scene

Jake Rivas, Contributing Writer

April 3, 2015

Oberlin’s DIY music scene has come to reflect the student body’s commitment to progressive politics. Recently, a document circulated throughout the music scene cataloging the numerous active bands on campus that are willing to play shows. That document grew to include more than 40 bands, ranging from a standard four-piece with a male lead to a group of flautists. Despite efforts by law enforcement to curtail house shows, Oberlin’s non-Conservatory concert scene is not only a thriving one but also one in which elements of social justice activism have found a place. Oberlin’s history as a forward-thinking institution has merged with its patented musicianship in the context of the DIY scene. Oberlin’s DIY scene...

From left, Parquet Courts members Andrew Savage on guitar, Max Savage on drums, Sean Yea- ton on bass and Austin Brown on guitar bring their breed of loud, punchy post-punk to the ‘Sco last Saturday night. Energy from the crowd was high during the mosh-heavy show, but the band’s surprisingly rigid personae ultimately detracted from their performance.

Rowdy Crowd’s Enthusiasm Carries Otherwise Detached Punk Performance

March 7, 2014

A warning to future audiences of Parquet Courts: Prepare for sweat, bruises and at least one split lip in the inevitable mosh pit. Despite the fact that all three were present when the band stopped at the ’Sco Saturday night, the lively, aggressive atmosphere still felt ultimately more like a pillow fight than a knife fight. The Brooklyn quartet has already released two LPs since forming in 2010 and are hot off the release of their first EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke. Their second full-l...

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