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Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

Julia Peterson, Production editor
April 21, 2017
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Jay-Marie and Friends, who performed Sunday night at the Cat in the Cream, delivered a show that celebrated Black and queer identities. Musicians Jay-Marie Hill, Britt Baker, Suyá Nascimento and surprise guest Wriply Bennett showcased powerful protest anthems with unambiguous, unapologetic lyrics like ...

Asexuality Denial Furthers Heteronormative, Anti-Queer Arguments

Natalie Pierson, Contributing Writer
April 18, 2015
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Disclaimer: This piece does not reflect the opinions, experiences and feelings of all or even most asexuals. This is solely my own experience and how I feel. I learn something new about sex almost every day. Whether it’s rim jobs, golden showers or just how much the bottom/top dynamic says about ...

Established 1874.
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