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Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

April 21, 2017

Jay-Marie and Friends, who performed Sunday night at the Cat in the Cream, delivered a show that celebrated Black and queer identities. Musicians Jay-Marie Hill, Britt Baker, Suyá Nascimento and surprise guest Wriply Bennett showcased powerful protest anthems with unambiguous, unapologetic lyrics like “Here, Queer & Staying” and “Keep it marchin, marchin, placin, Raging, gracing / As we stagin liberation.” The performance represents part of a long tradition of Black art and activism ...

Queerfest Events Kick Off

Madeline Stocker

April 5, 2013

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Over the next four weeks, campus will be home to a variety of workshops, art exhibits and guest speakers as part of Queerfest, an annual celebration of LGBTQ identities. This year’s events, which began April 1 and will conclude May 5, serve as an outlet for students to engage with the many facets of queer communities on campus. Coordinated by numerous campus LGBTQ organizations and individual students, as well as by the Multicultural Resource Center staff, the festival’s events cover a range of topics including a panel discussing the sexuality of pop-culture boy bands, an art exhibit featuring body modification and an international festival of queer tango — all focused on providing students with a deeper engagement...

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