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OSCA Prioritizes Accessibility in Iron Chef

Rachel Mead and Daniel Markus
April 7, 2017
Filed under ARTS, Features, Food

Led by head cooks College junior Sunshine Figlio and College first-year Nikhil Villani, Fairchild co-op emerged as the champion of OSCA’s annual Iron Chef competition on April 1. Inspired by the television game show series of the same name, OSCA Iron Chef is an annual cook-off competition among Oberlin...

On the Record with Ethnomusicologist Aaron Fox

On the Record with Ethnomusicologist Aaron Fox

Interview by Rachel Mead, Staff writer
March 31, 2017
Filed under ARTS, Features, Music, On the Record

Aaron Fox is an associate professor of music and ethnomusicology and the director of the Center for Ethnomusicology at Columbia University. His educational background demonstrates the intersection of fields in which he works; he holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in S...

Melancholy Play Provides Funny, Lyrical Discussion of Sadness

Melancholy Play Provides Funny, Lyrical Discussion of Sadness

Rachel Mead, Staff writer
March 3, 2017
Filed under ARTS, Theater & Film

The five actors in Sarah Ruhl’s Melancholy Play are all preoccupied with lost arts like a talent for melancholy and the carrying of handkerchiefs. Directed by College senior Zoë DePreta, Melancholy Play follows Tilly (College sophomore Paige Baskin), a bank teller who suffers from a depression that attr...

Gateway Center Installation Completes “Ohio Trilogy”

Gateway Center Installation Completes “Ohio Trilogy”

Rachel Mead, Staff Writer
October 28, 2016
Filed under ARTS, Features, Visual Art

After a busy couple years of change, the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center will finally be home to artist Maya Lin’s exhibit An Ecological Primer: A landscape in 3 parts. Lin is best known for entering the stage of massive art installations at age 21, when she won the 1981 contest to design the Vietna...

Oberlin College Archives Celebrates Half-Centennial Anniversary

Oberlin College Archives Celebrates Half-Centennial Anniversary

Rachel Mead
October 7, 2016
Filed under ARTS, Features

The Oberlin College Archives has been a resource for students, faculty, residents and the global research community since its establishment 50 years ago this week. To celebrate the anniversary, Archives staff members have put together an exhibit that will be on display in Mudd library until Oct. 21. The ...

Committees Allow for More Student Input

Rachel Mead, College senior
September 23, 2016
Filed under Letters to the Editors, OPINIONS, Recent Stories

To the Editors: Students at Oberlin seem to feel that they are in the dark about how the institution functions, and rightly so. There is very little information readily available for us to answer questions like those posed in last week’s article, “Program Cuts Leave Film Students with Questions,...

Dan Casey Adopts New Moniker, Hops Genres

Rachel Mead
September 16, 2016
Filed under ARTS, Music

The music of Dan Casey, an artist defined by his ability to flip genres by adopting new monikers, has appeared online under his own name, but also as Yalls, Steezy Ray Vibes and most recently dd elle. He’ll be appearing at the Cat in the Cream tonight at 8 p.m. under his newest moniker to play a se...

More than Matisse: Art Rental Continues to Broaden Arts Exposure

Rachel Mead
September 9, 2016
Filed under ARTS, Visual Art

The Art Rental Program at the Allen Memorial Art Museum has been active for over 75 years, allowing students to rent pieces of art from the museum’s collection every semester for only $5 each. Professor of Modern Art Ellen Johnson, OC ’33, founded the program based on her dedication to bringing people...

UGH Magazine: Battle Cry for Millennial Feminists

Rachel Mead
September 2, 2016
Filed under ARTS, Literature & Poetry

Like many of today’s best ideas, UGH Magazine began with a Google Doc. If you use the internet regularly and your friends are feminist millennials, you might know about RookieMag, Tavi Genison’s online teen magazine. If you’re part of the twenty-something crowd, you might be reading articles ...

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