The Oberlin Review

GOP Cannot Rely on Celebrity Buzz to Gain Gen Z Vote

Duncan Reid

May 4, 2018

After Kanye West started tweeting last week that he and the president share “dragon energy,” and that “the thought police want to suppress freedom of thought,” some conservative pundits were quick to welcome West to the right. Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones, for example, tweeted back their praises, with Jones going so far as to extend Yeezy an invitation onto his infamous radio show. Other conservatives remarked that West was making conservatism hip again, and that his endorsement of “Make America Great Again” politics would somehow attract young voters familiar with the artist to the GOP. But is the Chicagoland rapper even on the right, or does he merely agree with the President that some on the left sometimes...

Local Planned Parenthood to Remain Active After Budget Cuts

Harrison Wollman

February 26, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed a bill to cut funding for Ohio’s Planned Parenthood Clinics. House Bill 294 prevents the state from funding health organizations that perform or promote abortions. This action will block about $1.3 million in grants that Planned Parenthood would normally receive from Ohio’s Department of Health. While the bill has yet to be made into law, Diego Espino, the vice president of community engagement for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, expects the repercussions from the signing to extend to local levels. When asked how the Lorain County Planned Parenthood branch would specifically be affected, Espino explained that while a large majority of the day-to-day functions will...

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