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Fusions Restaurant Owners Emphasize Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity in Culinary Offerings

Fusions Restaurant Owners Emphasize Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity in Culinary Offerings

September 7, 2018

Many students at Oberlin value the creation of safe spaces for different identities, a priority often shared by establishments in downtown Oberlin and greater Lorain County. Oberlin’s Fusions Restaurant is no exception — it has been committed to creating an accessible dining experience since its opening in November 2017. But where and what is Fusions? And how exactly does a restaurant foster a safe space? I came to know Fusions in January 2018 when Santos Martinez, the owner Belinda Martinez’s...

Feature Photo: India Garden

Feature Photo: India Garden

April 22, 2016

India Garden Head Chef Babul flips naan for the restaurant’s inaugural batch of customers. India Garden, the new Indian restaurant located at 65 East College Street, opened for business Thursday. The establishment takes the place of Magpie Pizza, which relocated to Sheffield Village in November 2015. The restaurant offers traditional northern Indian cuisine, desserts and fresh breads. It will serve dinner until 10 p.m. every day of the week. Owners Ramesh Sharma and Sanjeev Sharma run another India...

The Epicurean: Education Wins, As Does Killer Lobster Bisque

Matt Segall, Collumnist

October 10, 2014

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This is a biweekly column highlighting our local culinary scene. Restaurant reviews, research, interviews, recipes and more will all come together in order to identify what makes the Cleveland experience unique. I am not fond of lengthy menus. I would rather know that the kitchen staff is putting its efforts into a few excellent dishes as opposed to offering a greater range of items of lesser quality. A smaller menu is often evidence that a chef is restricting themselves to the best and freshest ingredients. Ideally, they will understand cookery and their ingredients well enough to know exactly how they should be prepared. So, when making reservations for EDWINS, a restaurant in Cleveland’s Shaker Square, I inquir...

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