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“Don’t Frack With Us:” How to Stop a Pipeline

Rachael Hood

April 22, 2020

After staunchly opposing the construction of a pipeline through their community, some people will agree to settle and concede the fight while others take to the trees, putting their bodies on the line to stop the destruction of their land. What informs these different responses and why can they look so different for different people? Pondering these questions as I reflected on the anti-pipeline organizing I have been involved in throughout my four years at Oberlin, I decided to do some research that later grew into a year-long senior thesis. Over the past six months, I have interviewed organizers battling two different pipelines: one in Appalachia, the other in the Rust Belt. Both groups fought hard to prevent the pipe...

Anne Trubek.

Anne Trubek, OC ’88, Founder of Belt Magazine, Belt Publishing

March 6, 2020

Anne Trubek, OC ’88, is the founder of Belt Magazine and Belt Publishing. After graduating, Trubek returned to teach at Oberlin as a rhetoric professor from 1997–2015 before becoming a full-time freelance journalist, publicist, and entrepreneur. In addition to authoring a number of books, Trubek’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Wired, and many other publications. At Oberlin’s journalism symposium last Saturday, entitled “A Disrupted Media Landscape: Skills, Pers...

Alumnus’ Cleveland Music Organization Achieves Nonprofit Status

Lillian White

September 11, 2015

The IRS recently granted nonprofit status to The Syndicate for the New Arts, an organization devoted to transforming the way contemporary music gets presented and experienced in Cleveland and throughout the Rust Belt. Founded by Joshua Rosner, OC ’14, the nonprofit builds connections in the Cleveland music scene by hosting touring artists and initiating collaborations with existing institutions such as restaurants, museums and schools. Syndicate musicians also highlight work by local modern composers and Cleveland and Rust Belt artists whose careers have gone unrecognized. The Syndicate’s new nonprofit status qualifies it for key grants to support free programming. Additionally, as collaborator double-degree fifth-year...

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