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Six months later: A snapshot of where the Class of 2019 is now

Six months later: A snapshot of where the Class of 2019 is now

November 8, 2019

Student Input Vital to AAPR’s Success

Kameron Dunbar, Sadie Keller, and Janet Wu

September 24, 2018

Last spring, President Carmen Ambar called on the Oberlin community — students, staff, faculty, and alumni — to think critically and creatively about the institution’s present and long-term stability. Speaking candidly, she outlined some of the challenges facing Oberlin and similar institutions. To respond, President Ambar announced Oberlin’s Academic and Administrative Program Review, an 18-month initiative that seeks to address both immediate financial needs and the long-term direction of the College and Conservatory. Of the 31 members of the AAPR Steering Committee, 16 are faculty and three are students. As the student representatives, we are committed to transparent communication and community input. But...

GFC, President Announce Final AAPR Steering Committee Members

Roman Broszkowski, News Editor

April 27, 2018

The General Faculty Council and Office of the President announced the final 32 members of the Academic and Administrative Program Review Steering Committee — which will handle the external review process with the consulting firm Stevens Strategy — by email Wednesday. The committee includes Student Senate Chair and College junior Kameron Dunbar, who was appointed in spite of an informal agreement among student senators to not nominate any sitting senators. The selection process also faced opposition from some faculty members who wanted half of faculty representatives to be elected rather than appointed by the administration. The GFC, the group responsible for selecting the AAPR Steering Committee appointments, receive...

Students Nominated For AAPR Steering Committee

Duncan Reid, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

Student Senate announced the students nominated to serve on the Academic Administrative Program Review Steering Committee in an email Tuesday. College juniors Sadie Keller and Faith Shaeffer, sophomores Nae Mclain and Janet Wu, and first-year Ilana Foggle were nominated to the General Faculty Council, which will choose three of the five to serve on the committee. Senate Vice-Chair and College junior Cecilia Wallace said that Senate received a qualified pool of applicants for the AAPR Steering Committee, which will engage closely with the coming external financial review. “Senate was not picking and choosing between opinions, but rather seeking clear dedication to current and future peers’ wellbeing,” Wallace...

Students Must Take Initiative as Allies

Sadie Keller, Rowan Maher, and Jesus Martinez

February 9, 2018

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s racism and xenophobia did not take a winter break. When the president made disturbing comments about immigrants and the countries from which they hail, he insulted millions and negated ideas of respect, mobility, and equality — values fundamental to the Oberlin community. The president’s dangerous rhetoric and policies have made the past year and a half an escalating nightmare for many members of our community. Thousands of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) live in Ohio, and Lorain County is home to a number of undocumented immigrants. Many of our neighbors live in precarious positions of safety and belonging due to their relationship with immigration — with Tempo...

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