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In The Locker Room with Sam Paul, Men’s Rugby Captain

November 16, 2018

Although the Oberlin Gruffs haven’t won a single game this season, team members resoundingly share that the current president of the team, College senior and History major Sam Paul, has made the team experience very fulfilling. Because rugby is a club sport at Oberlin, the president effectively acts as the team’s coach. Paul works hard and leads by example, which has left a lasting positive impact on the rest of the team. This interview has been edited for length and cla...

Senior President Sam Paul is the only senior and four-year player for the Gruffs, the men’s club rugby team. The team plays its final matches of the season tomorrow in a tournament with Kenyon College, Tiffin University, and Taylor University.

Gruffs Gear-Up For Fall Tournament

November 9, 2018

The North Fields are not a pleasant place to be on an early autumn afternoon. They’re hot, sticky, and full of bugs. Somehow, this is exactly where the Gruffs — Oberlin College’s men’s club rugby team — find themselves every Tuesday and Thursday. By mid-September, most club rugby teams will be working on rucks — situations where when a tackled player goes to ground, they must release the ball immediately and each team fights for possession of the ball — advanced line-out maneuvers...

From left: Sam Paul, Matt Sarro, and Brian Cabral, Gruffs Rugby Captains.

In The Locker Room with Matt Sarro, Brian Cabral, and Sam Paul, Gruffs Rugby Captains

February 23, 2018

College seniors Matt Sarro and Brian Cabral and junior Sam Paul all came to Oberlin without any experience playing rugby, but the trio has found a love for the sport and formed a brotherhood after joining Oberlin’s club team. The team — which has no coach — schedules its own games and practices. They play six games in the fall and compete against teams of their choice in the spring. Their first open practice is Monday at 4:30 p.m. on North Quad, weather permitting. Anyone interested is wel...

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