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Full Interview Transcripts: Oberlin Engages In Wider Conversations About Sexual Misconduct

Julia Peterson

March 10, 2018

This week, the Review published a story about the impact of the #MeToo movement on campus. In preparation for writing this article, we reached out to a variety of people and organizations on campus, and many students, staff, and faculty members shared their experiences and perspectives on the movement. These interviews were invaluable in crafting an overview of the ways in which our community is interacting with this broader social movement. While we were unable to use the full content of every interview within the scope of that article, we believe that these interviews are worth sharing with the community in their entirety. Therefore, we have decided to publish the full text of all the interviews that we used only ...

Project Unbound Combats Human Trafficking With Fundraiser

Brendan Eprile

October 28, 2016

Over 1,200 children have been rescued by The Human Trafficking Collaborative of Lorain County in the past 10 years. To raise money for its cause and increase awareness, student-run anti-human-trafficking organization Project Unbound’s 3rd Annual Voices Against Human Trafficking gathering will bring together various on-campus arts groups in hopes of making an impact. Tomorrow’s event, taking place at 7:30 p.m. in First Church’s Meeting Hall, seeks to accomplish its goals through the avenue of art. The evening will feature performances by OSlam, Pitch Please and The Obertones. College junior and chair of Project Unbound Sarah Blum has organized Voices Against Human Trafficking since its inception. She envisioned a...

College sophomore and Creative Writing major Zachariah Claypole-White, a member of the OSlam poetry group, delivers passionate verse. OSlam was one of many student arts collectives to lend its voice at a fundraiser to combat human trafficking last Friday.

Fundraiser Works to Increase Human Trafficking Awareness

March 6, 2015

Over 20 million people worldwide are living in slavery. Last Friday at the Cat in the Cream in “Project Unbound: Humans Against Trafficking,” several victims of the modern slave trade shared their stories. College first-year Sarah Blum organized the event, which was dedicated to raising funds and awareness about this $150 billion industry. The student group that Blum works with, Project Unbound, was created two years ago with the mission statement “Inspiring Creativity to Fight Human Trafficking...

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