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Steering Committee Releases Preliminary Report

Sarah Conner, Staff Writer

May 8, 2015

Students on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee held meetings on Wednesday and Thursday to hear from students about what direction the College should head toward when formulating the Strategic Plan, the document the Board of Trustees uses to guide its decision making. Much of the discussions at the meeting focused on the preliminary report released Wednesday morning. The preliminary report gives an early indication of what may eventually make it into the final version. Among other things, the preliminary report emphasizes providing students with health and wellness resources, establishing an “innovation zone” and integrating the Career Center and the Alumni Office. The report also states that Oberlin...

Students Divided over Hillel’s Event Sponsorship Decision

Sarah Conner, Staff Writer

April 17, 2015

Earlier this week, Rabbi Shimon Brand, director of Oberlin Hillel, allegedly pulled out from co-sponsoring an event about the Freedom Summer veterans, a group of Jewish veterans of the Civil Rights Movement. The exact reason for Brand’s decision to decline sponsorship of this event is unclear. Some involved in Hillel claim the organization never agreed to sponsor the event due to a lack of funds. However, others believe that Hillel initially agreed to sponsor the event and pulled out after learning about the veterans’ criticism of Israel and support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. “I had spoken with [Rabbi Brand] a few months ago about bringing the event, and I was very clear about what it was about,”...

Organization Proposes a Pipeline Reroute

Sarah Conner, Staff Writer

April 10, 2015

The Coalition to Reroute NEXUS presented an alternate route for the NEXUS Pipeline to the Lorain County Commissioners on April 1, continuing the debate surrounding the path of the pipeline — a 250-mile Spectra Energy project which crosses through Ohio, Michigan and Canada. If NEXUS accepts, the proposal will move the project’s path slightly south of the original expected route and prevent the pipeline from crossing through Oberlin. Paul Gierosky, a member of CORN, said the proposal would minimize the pipeline’s interference with wetlands and structures such as houses and schools. “The proposal that we made used industry standard software — the same software that NEXUS is using — to manage our route,”...

College seniors Rachel Grossman and Hope Kassen grab bottled water from a well in Stevenson Dining Hall as College senior Erin Amlicke restocks. A water main leak last Sunday forced the city of Oberlin to issue a boil advisory.

Oberlin Water Main Breaks

March 13, 2015

Water bottles filled the tables of Stevenson Dining Hall, the recesses of recycling cans and the minds of thirsty students after a pipe break placed the city under a boil alert from early Sunday morning until late Monday afternoon. The leak, located a quarter-mile north of state Route 511, near the Oberlin High School softball field, came from a nearly 8-inch crack in a 10-inch main. The large size and inaccessible location of the leak caused the entire Oberlin city water system to depressurize. Water...

Cowhaus Creamery employee Eddy Marflak stares out the window of the empty store. According to the owner, Cowhaus has experienced a decrease in revenue after losing parking spaces during the Gateway Project construction and may have to shut its doors.

Cowhaus Creamery Threatens Closure

February 20, 2015

Due to a significant decrease in revenue, Cowhaus Creamery has been forced to consider closing its store. The owners point to the lack of parking caused by the nearby construction of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center at the corner of College Street and Main Street as a major reason for this drop in profit. Josef Bomback, OC ’76 and the coowner of Cowhaus, said the store has experienced a 30 percent decrease in revenue compared to the previous three years they have been in business. He said this...

College sophomore Zoe Reinstein purchases a book from Chris Bromberg, OC ’14, at the Oberlin College Bookstore. At the request of Student Senate, President Krislov doubled the emergency textbook fund to help alleviate college costs for low-income students.

Administration, Senate Try to Ease Textbook Costs

February 13, 2015

President Krislov doubled the emergency textbook fund after student senators appealed to Krislov about the burden that high textbook prices inflict on low-income students. According to Krislov, the fund is meant to supplement students’ overall financial aid package. “There may be individuals who have even more needs because of either the subjects they take or because certain things happen, medical problems or something like that. That’s why these emergency funds are so valuable and important,”...

The proposed NEXUS pipeline will run through northeast Ohio and into Michigan. According to certain Oberlin community members and city officials, Spectra Energy, the company behind the pipeline, has provided conflicting
information on the details of the project.

Pipeline to Transport Gas through Oberlin

November 14, 2014

Spectra Energy has moved forward with its plan to build a 250-mile gas pipeline through Oberlin. Spectra, an S&P 500 company, plans on investing up to $1.5 billion into the NEXUS pipeline, which would span from upper Ohio to Ontario and deliver up to 2 billion cubic feet of gas to the Midwest and Canada every day. Earlier this month, the City Council submitted its Community Bill of Rights informing Spectra that they consider the pipeline illegal. Spectra’s responses — which, accor...

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