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Oberlin Encourages Gender Diversity in Music Technology

Aly Fogel, Arts & Culture Editor

October 11, 2019

 Listening to a band at a live music venue like the ‘Sco, concertgoers don’t often peel their eyes off the mainstage to look at the individuals running sound. However, the complexity behind this job, and the technician who works this position, warrants further examination.  Audio engineers are technicians who work in live sound or recording studios, and these positions are often held by cisgender men. According to Women’s Audio Mission, less than 5 percent of audio engineers in 2018 were women. Notably, this is a number based on binary statistics of cisgender individuals and does not reflect the impact of gender-based discrimination on non-binary and transgender audio engineers. Music technology, a broader field t...

Conservatory senior Sarah Snider DJs as part of Lambda for Lambda, a fundraiser held at the
’Sco for Lambda Legal, a legal advocacy organization for LGBTQ people. The event was part
of Queerfest, an annual series organized by the Multicultural Resource Center that celebrates
Oberlin’s queer community.

Jay-Marie and Friends are ‘Here, Queer & Staying’

April 21, 2017

Jay-Marie and Friends, who performed Sunday night at the Cat in the Cream, delivered a show that celebrated Black and queer identities. Musicians Jay-Marie Hill, Britt Baker, Suyá Nascimento and surprise guest Wriply Bennett showcased powerful protest anthems with unambiguous, unapologetic lyrics like “Here, Queer & Staying” and “Keep it marchin, marchin, placin, Raging, gracing / As we stagin liberation.” The performance represents part of a long tradition of Black art and activism ...

Electronic musician Jlin experiments with a keyboard. Jlin, who released her 2015 album Dark Energy to critical acclaim, will soundtrack the ’Sco with her mechanical yet highly danceable beats tonight.

Jlin to Play ’Sco for First U.S. Show Since U.K. Tour

February 12, 2016

Tonight’s Jlin show at the ’Sco will be the electronic music heavyweight’s first performance back in the U.S. after a long stint in the U.K., and one of her only shows before returning to tour abroad. With double-degree junior Sarah Snider providing an opening DJ set and interest in electronic dance music growing at Oberlin, the show should serve as a warm welcome for Jlin. Jlin, whose real name is Jerrilynn Patton, has been making music since the late 2000s within the fast-paced dance music...

Double-degree junior Sarah Snider manipulates sound equipment in the Studio B space on October 4. The WOBC offshoot has pushed to make its resources more accessible this semester by planning “non-dude” workshops and skill-shares.

As Resources Grow, Studio B Seeks Greater Visibility

November 13, 2015

Located adjacent to WOBC on the third floor of Wilder Hall, Studio B is a small yet rapidly growing music radio station intent on expanding its role within the Oberlin community. It functions both as a performance space — the weekly show Live from Studio B features sets by student bands — and a place for musicians to record and learn the technical aspects of music-making in weekly work groups. Although Studio B has been around for longer, it only became a more structured space to showcase both loc...

A logo for double-degree junior Sarah Snider’s record label, which specifically promotes “non- dude” musicians, depicts a concerned woman. Snider hopes the label will provide a supportive community for women and non-binary musicians.

New Record Label to Support Marginalized Musicians

September 11, 2015

On a weekend night last year, the Harkness House basement was crowded with students excited for a night of music performances. Guitarist Claire Kotarski plugged her instrument into an amp. A man working tech for the show approached her and said, “You’re not supposed to do that. That’s not the right amp to plug into.” While this man was simply frustrated and short with the musician, he didn’t think twice about the power dynamics involved in this interaction. Such statements can make women...

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