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OC Dems Hold Rally to Petition Against S.B. 5

Max Anzilotti, Staff Writer

May 6, 2011

Oberlin’s Student Labor Action Coalition held its second rally against Ohio Senate Bill 5, a new law that weakens the collective bargaining rights of public workers, on Tuesday in West Lecture Hall. The rally marked the beginning of a petition-gathering campaign led by Oberlin College Democrats, part of a statewide effort by the grassroots organization We Are Ohio to collect the 213,149 signatures needed by June 30 to put the law to a referendum in November’s elections. The event featured speeches by union leaders, community members and students, a written statement from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, as well as protest songs performed by the student band, called Mary Claire and the Union Boys. The rally was ...

Braving inclement weather, over 100 Oberlin community members convened in Tappan Square to protest against Ohio Senate Bill 5. Professor of Politics and East Asian Studies Marc Blecher expressed hope that such wide support bodes well for a referendum to repeal the bill in the fall.

Community Rallies Against Senate Bill 5 in Tappan Square

March 18, 2011

On Tuesday afternoon at the bandstand in Tappan Square, over 100 members of Oberlin College and the Lorain County community gathered outside in the rain to rally against Senate Bill 5, which would eliminate all of Ohio public employees’ right to collectively bargain for adequate benefits, fair wages and safe working conditions. Governor John Kasich and Republicans in the Ohio House and Senate introduced the bill, which affects public school teachers, police officers, firefighters and librarians....

Students Protest Senate Bill 5 in Wilder Bowl

Jessica Lam, Staff Writer

March 4, 2011

With chants of “Kill the bill” and “I say budget, you say bullshit,” a march for solidarity with the unions to be affected by Senate Bill 5, along with a discussion panel with several faculty members from the politics department and the president of OCOPE, took place on Monday in Wilder Bowl. S.B. 5, a bill facing the state legislature in Ohio similar to the controversial legislation being debated in Wisconsin, would limit the collective bargaining rights and prohibit negotiation over health care benefits of unions. Senate Bill 5 has passed the Senate, and the House will begin committee hearings on the bill next week. Republican Governor John Kasich, who claims that these measures are necessary to fix Ohio’s...

Editorial Board Condemns Ohio Senate Vote

The Editorial Board

March 4, 2011

On Wednesday, the Ohio Senate narrowly voted on Senate Bill 5, effectively disarming the collective bargaining power of unions across the state. In an unprecedented move, six Republican senators defected, voting alongside Democrats in an attempt to back away from a vote that will inevitably prove detrimental in the senators’ future election campaigns. Voting in favor of high-bracket tax cuts may benefit a senator in the future, promising hefty contributions from large corporations and businessmen during the campaign season. A vote eliminating collective bargaining, however, is a destructive act that puts workers at a strong disadvantage in dealing with their employers. Senators who voted for the Bill will feel the...

Students Rally in Columbus in Support of Union Rights

Elise Shulman-Reed, News Editor

February 25, 2011

Thousands gathered on Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, to support public-sector union employees’ right to collective bargaining. Fifty-five Oberlin students made the trek to the state house to join in the protest. Protesters marched to the state capitol where the Legislature held hearings on Senate Bill 5 — a proposal that would eliminate almost all collective bargaining and prohibit negotiating over health care benefits, among other changes. Ohio’s bill comes on the heels of mass protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to strip workers of their bargaining power. In an interview with CNN, Ohio Governor John Kasich said that public employees should have the ability to negotiate on some matters,...

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