Editorial Board Condemns Ohio Senate Vote

The Editorial Board

On Wednesday, the Ohio Senate narrowly voted on Senate Bill 5, effectively disarming the collective bargaining power of unions across the state. In an unprecedented move, six Republican senators defected, voting alongside Democrats in an attempt to back away from a vote that will inevitably prove detrimental in the senators’ future election campaigns. Voting in favor of high-bracket tax cuts may benefit a senator in the future, promising hefty contributions from large corporations and businessmen during the campaign season. A vote eliminating collective bargaining, however, is a destructive act that puts workers at a strong disadvantage in dealing with their employers. Senators who voted for the Bill will feel the repercussions at the ballot box in the future; union members, however, could feel the repercussions immediately.

Ending this 27-year-old collective bargaining law destroys the unions’ right to bargain with the state for proper pay, working hours, safety regulations and pension plans. The Review stands behind Ohio union workers and representatives, who have promised to place a repeal of Bill 5 on the November ballot. Perhaps, our votes can elect individuals committed to some semblance of fair worker-employer relations.