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“Chamber Play” Delivers Performance on Cyclical Abuse

“Chamber Play” Delivers Performance on Cyclical Abuse

March 30, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains mention of sexual abuse and trauma. Chamber Play, written by Amanda Faye Martin, is the dark, cryptic story of several characters, particularly Amanda (played by College first-year Sofie Rejto) and Sabina (played by College first-year Anna Aubry), and their experiences with cycles of abuse. The play examines amnesia as a result of sexual trauma, implying certain side effects of post-traumatic stress and illustrating the almost involuntary nature by which a vict...

Sexual Abuse, Not Homosexuality, Deplorable

Sami Mericle, Production Editor

April 15, 2016

Filed under Commentary, OPINIONS

Last week, prosecutors accused former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert of sexually abusing at least four boys while he was a high school wrestling coach. While Hastert should face jail time for his actions, the media must resist using homophobic undertones when condemning his alleged crime. Hastert pled guilty in October to evading bank-reporting laws in connection to hush money he was paying one victim. However, it was not until this week that the motivation behind the payments was revealed. With the public revelation came a media storm. Hastert’s actions have been condemned by various outlets as “disturbing,” “squalid” and “tragic.” But would these same words have been used if the victims were girls? ...

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