The Oberlin Review

At Semester’s Start, Don’t Dismiss the Importance of Sleep

Joshua Kogan, Columnist

February 7, 2014

I decided to try something new during my last semester at Oberlin, and write a column for our lovely local paper, The Oberlin Review. I majored in Biology, so I will try to write about topics of interest to biologists that are also relevant to Oberlin students. For my first article, I’d like to talk about sleep, something that no student here can seem to get enough of. Between classes, clubs, ExCos and Splitchers, who can find the time? And when you think about it, what is the deal with sleep anyway? Why do humans, and for that matter all animals, need to go unconscious for a third of our lives to survive? This adaptation doesn’t seem like something that would help our early ancestors survive against the forces of nat...

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