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Solarity’s “Atlantis” Returns to All-Student Roots

Solarity’s “Atlantis” Returns to All-Student Roots

Victoria Garber and Julia Peterson
May 5, 2017
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Solarity has thrown the largest student-run event on campus every semester and will be back tonight in the Heisman Club Field House. This semester’s Atlantis theme will offer a ship-furnished, aquatic feel, and organizers have brought the event back to its student-centered roots with an impressive s...

Solarity Aims for Organizational Accessibility

Solarity Aims for Organizational Accessibility

Sarah Conner and Madeline Stocker, Contributing Writer and News Editor
October 10, 2014
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In response to a recent increase in membership, the student leaders of Solarity, an organization that strives to unify the student body through large-scale music and dance productions, have made a number of structural and aspirational changes to their organization. Solarity’s co-chairs, C...

In Spite of Controversy, Massive Crowd Gathers for Toxicity

In Spite of Controversy, Massive Crowd Gathers for Toxicity

Mary Fischer
May 9, 2014
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Solarity’s latest event, Toxicity, generated nearly as much energy as a nuclear power plant. Despite the controversy surrounding the event concerning its name, hundreds of students flocked to Wilder Bowl last Friday night to see student artwork and dance the night away. The display seemed a far cry...

Cooling the Babylon Matrix Meditates on Consumption, Entertainment

Taia Kwinter, Staff Writer
May 3, 2013
Filed under ARTS, Visual Art

A busy weekend of Senior Studio shows closed with College senior Lily Gottschalk’s Cooling the Babylon Matrix, a remarkable feat of installation, performance, sculpture and multimedia art. Utilizing many of the facilities in Philips Gym, Gottschalk created a labyrinth of spectacle, consumption and in...

Sneak Preview: Awaken the Wild

Abby Hawkins, Arts Editor
April 26, 2013
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Could you explain the theme “Awaken the Wild” a little bit more? It’s very nebulous right now. Eli Clark-Davis: We’re going for an “enchanted forest” sort of theme — monsters, fairies, all the craziest creatures you could ever imagine. Evan Baker: Definitely. Animals are a big th...

Ecolympics Underway, Expands Programming

Adiel Kaplan, Staff Writer
April 19, 2013
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The glowing energy orbs around campus have been a little greener over the last two weeks as the Office of Environmental Sustainability kicks off its sixth annual Ecolympics. Ecolympics, which began April 5 and will run through April 26, is Oberlin’s three-week- long dorm energy-reduction competition,...

One Fracture-Goer’s Take on Solarity/RTC’s Most Recent Event

One Fracture-Goer’s Take on Solarity/RTC’s Most Recent Event

Sarp Yavuz, Staff Writer
May 4, 2012
Filed under ARTS, Dance, Music

Perhaps people did not know what to expect from Solarity and RTC’s collaborative effort, Fracture. There was talk of a post-apocalyptic theme and performers ranging from And What!?, the all-female hip-hop dance collective, to Knomadik, a jazz-electro fusion septet, but no one was expecting the plethora...

Solarity, RTC to Host Fracture from Reality

Kara Brooks, Arts Editor
April 20, 2012
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Despite reclaiming some of its lost identity this year, Drag Ball is still incomparable to its heyday of four-plus years ago. The student group Solarity emerged in early 2010 in response to the void left by Drag Ball’s absence, kicking off its on-campus activities with Neon Garden, a somewhat “do it...

Solarity’s Neon Garden Presents Eye-Popping, Seizure-Inducing Blacklight Spectacle

Sarp Yavuz, Staff Writer
May 6, 2011
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For many, Neon Garden began at 8 p.m. Saturday night in a very long line in front of the Science Center. Scheduled to begin at 10 p.m., the event’s pre-sale tickets had been sold out a week before, and countless Obies wanted to get the remaining 150 tickets at the door. The exact nature of the ticket...

Naked Jell-o Wrestling Bests Neon Lights Any Day

Matthew C
May 6, 2011
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I’ve been there: I was once a freshman hailing from one of the country’s cultural meccas, tired of marathon beer pong games and pointing my hands to whichever side of the room had more windows, as the head cheerleader’s teal iPod Mini played a Lil Jon song for the third time. I came to college...

All of the Lights, All of the Money

Richard McGuire
May 6, 2011
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Last weekend, hundreds of students eagerly lined up on North Quad for a one of a kind event. It was a rare sight to see students gathering at the Science Center on a Saturday night for a party. The event was put on by Solarity, a new student organization founded by College sophomores Eli Clar...

Solarity Seeks to Revitalize Social Scene

Caroline Hui
April 29, 2011
Filed under Campus News, NEWS

By the end of their first semester, current College sophomores Eli Clark-Davis and Tom Hake were fed up with nightlife at Oberlin. They disliked how the house parties were always so crowded, hot and sweaty. They were tired of Safety and Security breaking up parties at midnight or earlier. The ’Sco...

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