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Duo Delivers Imaginitive, Inclusive Multimedia Performance

Louise Edwards, Arts Editor

October 2, 2015

Filed under ARTS, Literature & Poetry

Spoken word artist Alixa Garcia beatboxed on pan flute while her audience at the Cat in the Cream clapped along enthusiastically last Friday night. Pan flute music is part of Garcia’s Colombian heritage, and she played upon notions of traditional rhythm by altering the way she blew into the pipes....

Intense, Energetic Pieces Drive Koreo Showcase

Intense, Energetic Pieces Drive Koreo Showcase

Clara Shannon

May 2, 2014

Filed under ARTS, Dance, Music

The crowd in the Cat in the Cream got everything it wanted at the Koreo showcase last Wednesday, from heavy beats to heart-wrenching poetry. Koreo, Oberlin’s co-ed hip-hop fusion dance troupe, collaborated with fellow hip-hop student performers for a fun and exhilarating show featuring not only dance,...

Established 1874.
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