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Gender Segregation in Sports Should Be Reconsidered

Brittany Mendez, Contributing Writer

September 22, 2017

Last week, at the recommendation of my Philosophy professor, I attended a lecture by Dr. Rachel McKinnon titled “Including Trans Athletes in Sports.” I’m glad I went, because it challenged me to think more deeply about why we segregate sports by gender. Historically, Black athletes have performed better in sports, but if we split sports by race, most would consider this to be absurd. If this is true, why do we accept segregation of sports by gender? McKinnon is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy department at the College of Charleston and an international cyclist hoping to compete in the next Olympic Games. As a trans female athlete, she has faced many challenges in competing in organized athl...

Perspective: D3 Sports Emphasizes Community

Yago Colás, Professor of English

September 15, 2017

What I really wanted was the t-shirt. At least, that is what I told myself. After all, I’m not a football fan. I haven’t been to a game in person in over a decade, and I could count the number of games I’ve watched on TV in the same period on one hand. I don’t hate the sport. It’s just not my aesthetic cup of tea; I prefer more fluid sports. Then there’s the whole concussion thing — it’s hard to watch intelligent young men do something I’m persuaded is likely to cause long-term harm to their brains. I say this having spent 25 years teaching at the University of Michigan, where football games are quasi-religious events drawing over 100,000 supporters together under the bright blue skies of crisp,...

Senior forward Gwennie Gardiner fires a shot past the goalie in the Yeowomen’s 7–1 victory against the Bluffton University Beavers. The women’s soccer team looks to increase their win-streak to four when they play the Defiance College Lady Jackets this Saturday.

Yeowomen Dominate Opening Games

September 8, 2017

The Yeowomen continued their scorching start to the season as they toppled the Baldwin Wallace University Yellow Jackets 3–1 on Tuesday to remain perfect at 3–0. Their high-octane offense, which has already scored a North Coast Athletic Conference best of 14 goals this year, has been the driving force behind the best start to a season for the Yeowomen since 2008. Head Coach Dan Palmer, who enters his fifth season with the team, has transformed the women’s soccer program, leading them to their ...

Junior midfielder player Meg Parker carries the ball past the opposing offense in last year’s Oct. 22 matchup against the Ohio Wesleyan University Big Red. The field hockey team has its first home game today at 5 p.m. on Bailey Field.

Field Hockey Falls Short in NCAC Debut Against Kenyon

September 8, 2017

After winning its first home opener in five years in an exhilarating victory over Lindenwood University last Saturday, field hockey has endured a two-game slump, including a shutout 7–0 loss to North Coast Athletic Conference rivals the Kenyon College Ladies. Fatigue plagued the small Yeowomen squad as the Ladies used their laden roster to their advantage. “The biggest challenge we faced against Kenyon was their roster size,” sophomore forward and midfielder Libby Royer wrote in an email t...

MLB’s Departure From Traditional Values Detrimental to Culture

Alex McNicoll, Sports Editor

September 8, 2017

From Aaron Judge’s 500-foot blasts to Aroldis Chapman’s 103 mile-an-hour fastballs, there’s something about Major League Baseball that departs from its place in the bedrocks of American society for over 100 years. While baseball, like all sports, is constantly evolving, its growing overreliance on statistics is rapidly changing the sport’s foundation. Baseball has always been a game whose allure lies as much in the time between actions as it does in the actions themselves. Since there is no game-clock, before each pitch there is a building anticipation, and until the final out, there is potential for something great to happen. All of the life that exists between plays has given the MLB the character and quirk...

Yago Colás, Professor of English at Oberlin College.

In the Locker Room with Yago Colás, Professor of English

September 8, 2017

This week, the Review sat down with Associate Professor of English Santiago (Yago) Colás, who enters his first year teaching at Oberlin. After a 25-year career at the University of Michigan, Colás decided to make the switch to Oberlin, where he can be closer to his family and offer his unique view on sports culture and society to students. His new book, Ball Don’t Lie, breaks down basketball’s various intersections with other parts of society, and his class, 13 Ways of Looking At Sports, tac...

Senior captain and defensive specialist Lola Gatti passes the ball as junior outside hitter Julia Ingoglia offers support in a scrimmage against Lorain County Community College.

Yeowomen Volleyball Impresses in Opening Tournament

September 8, 2017

The Yeowomen volleyball team began its season on a strong note at the River City Invitational in Marietta, Ohio last weekend. With a strong returning core built around three senior captains — Claudia Scott, Dana Thomas, and Lola Gatti — the Yeowomen are setting expectations and goals for this season. Erica Rau, who begins her seventh season as head coach of the volleyball team, hopes to see large contributions from every class this season. “We have a very strong senior class, along with a lot...

Junior midfielder Trenton Bulucea winds up for a corner kick during the Yeomen’s scrimmage against the Capital University Crusaders. The Yeomen will begin their season today against Anderson University in Anderson, IN.

Yeomen Soccer Set to Score Again

September 1, 2017

As Yeomen soccer prepares for its upcoming season, the sting of last year’s championship loss still lingers. After graduating eight seniors in one of the most decorated Yeomen classes ever, the team will rely on a combination of seasoned veterans and fresh blood to fill the big shoes of their predecessors. However, Head Coach Blake New is determined to keep a winning mentality alive in the depleted locker room. “As a team, our goals don’t change from year to year,” New, who earned the No...

Money Comes Out On Top

Alex McNicoll, Sports Editor

September 1, 2017

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s celebrity showdown was the peak of a rapidly-changing boxing culture that is selling the sweet science for as much cash as it can. With a pay-per-view cost of $99.95, the fight, which could hardly be called a boxing match, pulled in over $400 million on TV revenue alone. Boxing has always earned the most money from the most outspoken and polarizing athletes in the sports world. From Muhammad Ali’s biting poems to Mike Tyson’s vicious bite of Evander Holyfield’s ear in the ring, no fan ever really knows what to expect when they pay to watch a fight, and that might just be the reason they pay so much. However, in all of boxing, no one has embraced the money as m...

Senior wide receiver Corey Fussinger gets set in a matchup against the College of Wooster Fighting Scots in 2016.

Football Looks to Bounce Back in New Season

September 1, 2017

After a season in which Yeomen football failed to record a single win, the 53 members of the team have put everything else aside to focus on their sport. Nearly every morning from Aug. 11 to the start of classes, the sizable squad has been obsessed. During preseason hey woke up each morning for team practices, weightlifts, position meetings, coaching meetings, and film sessions, only breaking for meals. Each evening, they went to sleep only to do it all again the next morning. “From 7 a.m. to 9:...

The swimming and diving team eagerly awaits the renovation of Carr Pool, as Philips gym construction continues into the 2017 fall semester. The $13 million project is set for completion in August 2018.

Philips Gym Renovation Continues Throughout School Year

September 1, 2017

As Philips gym renovations continue, members of the Athletics Department are confident that the project’s disruptions will ultimately be a worthwhile investment for the campus. The $13 million project, according to Delta Lodge Director of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos, will benefit both sports teams and non-athletes. “[It’s going to be a space] where people can start to build more community,” Winkelfoos said. “There’s going to be a lounge where people can [convene] in really cool ways a...

ITLR – From left to right: Joy Castro-Wehr, Abby Bellows, Julia Denlinger, Rosie Kerwin

In the Locker Room with Women’s Cross Country

September 1, 2017

This week the Review sat down with juniors Rosie Kerwin and Abby Bellows and sophomores Joy Castro-Wehr and Julia Denlinger, members of the Yeowomen cross country leadership council, the team’s newly developed alternative to captains. They discussed the role the council plays in addition to the team’s expectations emerging from a historic 2016–2017 season for women’s track and field, during which they took home their first outright North Coast Athletic Conference indoor and first ever outdoor ...

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