The Oberlin Review

Flaharty’s Spring Awakening Ethereal, Relevant

Brendan Eprile, Staff Writer

December 9, 2016

The Oberlin College Theater Department presented a stunning and poignant rendition of Spring Awakening over the weekend. The musical is an exploration of the emotional turmoil of teenage sexuality, love and angst. Despite its late 19th-century setting, several of the themes it addresses — such as abortion, sexual and domestic violence, depression and suicide — remain highly relevant to today’s social and political discourse. While the societal climate surrounding many of these issues has shifted drastically over the last century, the narrative still speaks to the persistence of violence and repression today and serves as a reminder of just how far from solved these issues are. The story’s emotional impact was enhance...

Spring Awakening Interrogates Taboo

Spring Awakening Interrogates Taboo

December 2, 2016

Oberlin Musical Theater Association presents Spring Awakening, a rock musical adapted for Broadway in 2006 from Frank Wedekind’s 1906 play of the same name. Controversial at the time due to its unflattering portrayal of late 19th century Germany, the play presents a powerful critique of a societal structure that insulates its young people from reality for their supposed protection. The story follows a cast of teenagers grappling with misinformation and taboos surrounding puberty and sexuality as wel...

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