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Spring Back Reimagines Choreography

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

Every year, Oberlin’s Dance department hosts two faculty-directed shows: Fall Forward and Spring Back, which usually play out in a more-or-less traditional program in Warner Main Space. This year’s Spring Back breaks from this mold, as it will have no set stage. Instead, guides will lead audience members all through Warner Gymnasium. Beginning in Warner Main Space, where three of the concert’s pieces will be performed, the show will bring audiences to three pieces on the first floor, two more in the basement, and back again. There are only 50 tickets sold per night due to these restricted and innovative spaces, and upon arrival, viewers will be split into three groups, each of which will have a different experience of...

Feature Photo: Spring Back

Feature Photo: Spring Back

April 17, 2015

Dancers Leah Newman, College sophomore, Alana Reibstein, College junior, and Jesse Wiener, College senior, slide across Warner Main’s beloved wooden floor while emitting tired sighs in a stunning dance choreographed by College senior Ellen Askonas. Her piece, a bright highlight of the program, appeared in Spring Back, the spring companion to the Fall Forward show. The performances took place last Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Spring Back featured a sound selection of contemporary ...

College sophomore Alana Reibstein performs a piece choreographed by Ann Cooper Albright, the chair of the Dance department, for Spring Back. The show is a combination of student-produced work as well as pieces choreographed under the direction of Albright.

‘Spring Back’ Revitalizes Postmodern Dance

April 11, 2014

“Sometimes [Warner Main Space] feels like a big cathedral; other times I’ll lie on my back on the floor and look up into the rafters and it’s like we’re all in a big upside-down ark,” said College junior and Dance major Silvia Sheffield. The performance space has seen generations of dancers, and the latest aims to honor the venue and its history. This season’s Spring Back show, Oberlin’s annual spring dance concert, is centered on the exploration of the human form and how it relate...

Spring Back Brings Talent and Wit

Sophia Bamert, Managing Editor

April 26, 2013

This semester, Spring Back discovered its sense of humor, and that’s not to say that the dancing was taken any less seriously than usual. Under the direction of Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Holly Handman-Lopez, the showcase of student choreography, which ran in the main space of Warner Center from April 18–20, achieved surprising cohesion despite the wide range of pieces performed. The show opened with an absurd welcome song, sung by bathrobe-wearing College senior Sarp Yavuz and double-degree fifth-year Lisa Yanofsky, that warned audience members that the dances would not all be the same, and ended with the borrowed lyric, “We’re glad you came,” by The Wanted. Although this segment gave an initial...

Dancers move through a human chain in College senior Anahita Khosravi's senior project

Oberlin Dance Department Springs into New Era

April 20, 2012

Last weekend marked the first all-student-choreographed Spring Back showcase in two years. While the Dance department’s inclusion of faculty choreography in recent Fall Forward and Spring Backperformances has presented a welcome collaboration of faculty expertise with student talent, this semester’s return to a student focus was both appropriate and refreshing given the amount of skill packed into the two-hour, three-act show, which ran April 12–14. Although on the whole outstanding, Spring Bac...

Spring Back Concert Teeters Toward Sameness

Claire Petras, Staff Writer

April 22, 2011

“What was your favorite piece?” This was the question I asked my classmates after attending the Spring Back dance concert last weekend. Surprisingly, the response to this query was quite uniform, with most citing either College first-year Jess Gersony’s tap piece Heartbeats or visiting assistant professor of dance Yu Xiao’s duet At the Edge as their favorites. This split response was interesting, precisely because these two pieces were without a doubt the most distinct of the entire performance. Gersony’s tap piece was an energetic tap sequence set to José Gonzalez’s Heartbeats, a lovely, melancholic song. The juxtaposition of the song with the music initially struck the viewer as somewhat haphaza...

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