The Oberlin Review

Dan Casey Adopts New Moniker, Hops Genres

Rachel Mead

September 16, 2016

The music of Dan Casey, an artist defined by his ability to flip genres by adopting new monikers, has appeared online under his own name, but also as Yalls, Steezy Ray Vibes and most recently dd elle. He’ll be appearing at the Cat in the Cream tonight at 8 p.m. under his newest moniker to play a set from his upcoming full-length album. “I hope you’re into some weird, weird stuff,” he said over the phone. This show marks Casey’s third performance of his newest generation of material, which he originally posted anonymously online. Casey is known to upload much of his music onto the Internet without his name attached, using some alias. “Every name change is a fresh start with no expectations,” Casey said. ...

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