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Open Letter from Oberlin’s Equity and Diversity Committee

General Faculty Committee on Equity and Diversity

December 5, 2014

Dear members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, As members of the Oberlin College General Faculty Committee on Equity and Diversity, we are writing to urge you to consider the fundamental place of diversity (including, but not limited to, differences of race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability and religion/spirituality) in Oberlin’s continuing mission as an elite liberal arts college and conservatory. We ask you as a committee to place a high priority on the creation of a diverse learning environment in the current Strategic Planning process, with particular emphasis on the following: –Increased racial and ethnic diversity of faculty and staff, reflected by specific hiring recommendations –Increased...

Student Senators Call for Financial Aid Transparency, Engagement

Jordan Ecker and Ty Wagner

November 21, 2014

Oberlin College Student Senate is committed to investigating Oberlin’s finances by gathering as much information as possible, synthesizing this information so that students can engage with it, creating discussions about Oberlin’s financial direction particularly involving financial aid and making the Steering Committee more accessible to the Senate and to students themselves. Here’s why. Over and over again, when asking questions about the school’s financial situation, we as Student Senators have been told: “Oberlin College needs more revenue to remain a prestigious institution.” “Changes must be made.” “We are spending too much money on financial aid.” Yet students across campus feel nickel-and-dimed...

College Fiscal Plan Edges Out Low-Income Co-opers

Taylor Field, Staff Writer

October 3, 2014

At this week’s Board Night in Oberlin’s co-ops, representatives of OSCA’s Board of Directors introduced a caucus based on the covert changes made to Oberlin College’s financial aid policy last semester, reopening discussion on the detrimental impact these changes will have on co-op accessibility. The policy, which originally did not adjust financial aid based on a student’s choice to live or dine in OSCA, changed without warning last semester to read, “If you choose to live or dine in a co-op, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.” On April 13, after extensive student protests, College President Marvin Krislov announced in an email to the student body that the policy change would be delayed...

Committee Convenes to Plan College’s Fiscal Future

Oliver Bok

September 12, 2014

This Tuesday will mark the first meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, an organization whose purpose is to determine the future of Oberlin’s educational and financial endeavors. While College President Marvin Krislov has described the plan as “an opportunity for the College and all the different constituencies of the College ... to think about the future,” some students and administrators are skeptical about how accurately the committee will address their needs. “I’d like to see the College admit that it maintains at least partial culpability — and more culpability than a lot of its peer institutions — in the student debt crisis in the United States, and [that] it commit itself...

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