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Students Take the Stage for Another Student Dance Showcase

Students Take the Stage for Another Student Dance Showcase

April 19, 2019

It’s no secret that many of Oberlin’s most revered traditions are sustained almost entirely through the hard work of students. The Student Dance Showcase, the semesterly performance synthesizing work from a variety of campus organizations and individual students, is a shining example of such an event. The directors, College sophomore Olivia Guerriero and College first-year Jewel Cameron, as well as the lighting designer, Conservatory senior Collin Sterne, have been working since the beginning...

Student Dance Showcase Provides Space for Diversity

Victoria Albacete, Production Manager

April 13, 2018

It’s hard to believe that Oberlin’s Student Dance Showcase first appeared only six years ago, given the campus staple it has since become. Now one of the most well-attended student dance performances each semester, the showcase — which will present its spring 2018 iteration this weekend — is a space for student dance groups of any and every type to spotlight their hard work, talent, and enthusiastic energy for friends, family, and other students and faculty. Previous to the 2012 creation of Student Dance Showcase, student dancers and choreographers were limited to auditioning for Dance department-sponsored performances Spring Back and Fall Forward, which required dance faculty approval, or participation in t...

Student Dance Showcase Features Ballet, Breakdancing, Latin

Student Dance Showcase Features Ballet, Breakdancing, Latin

April 22, 2016

The Student Dance Showcase held in Warner Main Space last Friday and Saturday featured a variety of acts ranging from tap to break dancing to the adorable moves of the TY Squad. College sophomores Lola Gatti and Isabel Levey-Swain co-directed the show this semester after serving as assistant directors under College senior Alana Reibstein last fall. Given the incredible talent that the performers brought to the showcase, the directors’ main task was organizing the performances to create a show that...

Feature Photos: Student Dance Showcase

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

April 24, 2015

In the top photo, College senior Noa Fleischacker (left), College junior Luke Burns, College first-year Rachel Ford, College first-year Isabel Levey-Swain and College senior Silvia Sheffield work together to form an impromptu composition. In the bottom photo, aerialist and College sophomore Katharine Geber gracefully suspends herself during a breathtaking trapeze dance performance. The Showcase, held last Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. in Warner Main Space, included performances from a variety of student dance groups as well as student soloists. Among the night’s popular array of acts were the Rust Belt Rappers, Koreo and Vibe dance groups, whose high energy invigorated the crowd. College sophomore Leah Newman...

Sheffield, Reibstein Continue Larson’s Vision of Dance Inclusivity

Sheffield, Reibstein Continue Larson’s Vision of Dance Inclusivity

November 21, 2014

Though the Student Dance Showcase is only two years old, the free dance show held each semester in Warner Main already feels like a fundamental part of the department’s annual listing of events. With the addition of the showcase, the department began a student-run plan in making a more inclusive range of dance accessible to a wider audience. This year’s event, which took place last Friday and Saturday evenings was exactly what Hayley Larson, OC ’14, envisioned when she first started the...

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