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A memorial to Palestinians killed in a November attack by the Israel Defense Force was installed before Thanksgiving by student organizations Jewish Voices for Peace and Students for a Free Palestine.

National Media Responds to Memorial to Palestinian Combat Victims

December 6, 2019

Before Thanksgiving break, Oberlin students from Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for a Free Palestine erected a memorial for Palestinians killed in a Nov. 12 airstrike by the Israel Defense Force. The memorial commemorated the lives of 34 people — including eight children — killed in a round of combat that lasted two days. Palestinian officials reported that over 80 people were wounded during this time. The combat began when Israel launched an airstrike in an attempt to assassinate Bahaa A...

Student Senate Condemns OCACF Actions

September 20, 2016

The original version of this letter listed Oberlin J Street U as a consultant. Since the letter's publication, members of Oberlin J Street U have requested that the organization's name be removed. For more information, read our full coverage of Student Senate's letter, ACF's symposium and students' responses. In consultation with current and former members of ABUSUA and Students for a Free Palestine, Student Senate drafted a letter condemning the actions of certain alumni over the last year; including the surveillance, intimidation, marginalization and harassment of students. The text of the letter is below. Oberlin students, Since late 2015, a group of Oberlin alumni have driven a narrative of rampant ant...

Weekend of Action to Address BDS, Eco-Issues

Sydney Allen, Production Editor

April 8, 2016

A coalition of student groups, led by the Student Labor Action Committee, is hosting Oberlin’s second annual Weekend of Action this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “We’d been talking for a while about wanting to improve connections among Oberlin’s various groups and share knowledge while also making space for more relaxed social interactions, and [the Weekend of Action] seemed [like] a good way to do both,” wrote SLAC Cochair Maxime Berclaz in an email to the Review. Last year’s series of events, which were held in March, featured more than 30 workshops and speakers, including a Prison Justice Workshop, an Anti-Imperialism Workshop and an Education Justice 101 event hosted by the Oberlin Young Educator...

Board Dismisses Concerns of SFP

Students for a Free Palestine

November 13, 2015

To the Editors: Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine wrote to the editors of The Oberlin Review earlier this semester. In the Oct. 9 letter, “Board of Trustees Condones Violence,” we reviewed the Board of Trustees here at Oberlin College, criticizing the lack of transparency as SFP submitted an application to divest from six corporations that profit from Israeli occupation. After eight months of evasion, the Board gave us a response: It rejected our divestment application. Again, the Board fails to communicate with students. How is the student body to think that our voices are being heard when after eight months, the Board of Trustees responded to a 20-page divestment proposal with four paragraphs? The vag...

Board Rejects Student Divestment Proposals

Louis Krauss, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015

The Board of Trustees told Oberlin Fossil Fuel Divestment and Students for a Free Palestine that it will not implement their proposals to reduce or halt College investments in controversial companies. Board of Trustees Chair Clyde McGregor, OC ’74, told the five members of the Fossil Fuel Divestment group — College junior Ellie Lezak, double-degree junior Hayden Arp, College junior Jasper Clarkberg, College sophomore Naomi Roswell and Stephen Lezak, OC ’15 — last Thursday that the College currently does not invest in the 12 companies that students identified as the top greenhouse gas emitters. “The power of divestment lies not in the economic impacts it has on target companies, but in the political stateme...

Gabe Schivone, who is the co-coordinator of UNIDOS ethnic studies youth group and volunteer at No Más Muertes/No More Deaths

Off the Cuff: Gabe Schivone, co-coordinator of UNIDOS youth group and volunteer at No Más Muertes/No More Deaths

May 1, 2015

Gabe Schivone is a U.S.-Mexico border activist, volunteer at No Más Muertes/No More Deaths and co-coordinator of UNIDOS ethnic studies youth group in Tucson, AZ. He has written articles for The Huffington Post opposing the violence on the U.S.-Mexico border and in Palestinian territories. This week, Schivone visited Oberlin to give a talk titled Gaza in Arizona: Colonial Technologies and the Transnational Military Industrial Complex and to join Amanda Rose, OC ’13, in leading Environmental Justice...

SFP Stands with Khattab, Odeh on Israel Apartheid Week

Students for a Free Palestine

March 6, 2015

Content Warning: This letter contains references to torture and sexual assault. To the Editors: Lina Khattab is not much different from an Oberlin student. She is 18 years old, studies media at university, dances and is politically active on campus in protesting the Israeli occupation. On Dec. 13, 2014, Khattab was protesting against Israel’s holding of Palestinian political prisoners. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured by Israeli soldiers. During her detainment, soldiers frequently woke her in the middle of the night to keep her sleep-deprived before appearing in Israeli military court. They placed her in a freezing cold room with the air conditioner blasting in the middle of a freezing winter. Khatta...

Salaita Case Highlights Donor Influence in Higher Ed

Jade Schiff, Politics department

February 13, 2015

To the Editors: Like Students for a Free Palestine and many other campus organizations and academics around the world, I condemn the revocation of Steven Salaita’s job at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by Chancellor Phyllis Wise. Like them, I also think that free expression and academic freedom are at stake. But this analysis misses the root of the problem. The academy is not exactly notorious for being anti-Palestinian. On the contrary, university professors tend to be liberal or left-leaning, to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. Tellingly, Salaita sailed through every academic hurdle to his appointment. It was blocked by Chancellor Wise, but the Board of Trustees did not merely affirm...

SFP Expresses Solidarity with Dismissed UIUC Professor Salaita

Students for a Free Palestine

February 6, 2015

To the Editors: On Aug. 1, 2014, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis Wise revoked the tenured position of Professor Steven Salaita, citing the latter’s Twitter posts that searingly criticized the Zionist state of Israel as evidence that he could not engage in “civilized” political discussion on campus. On Sept. 11, the University’s Board of Trustees voted to support Chancellor Wise’s decision not to reinstate Professor Salaita, a widely renowned Palestinian-American professor of American Indian Studies who had left a tenured position at Virginia Tech to accept his new post at UIUC. His tweets specifically condemned Operation Protective Edge, a ground offensive carried out by the...

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